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Published on Mar 31, 2010

WTF is up with youtube?
It's so gay.


-Next Day-
Nick's pov

I was sprawled across my bed, talking to justin on the phone. He was complaining about homework. Sucks for him.

Nick- Well, If you would've done it during the school year, you wouldn't be doing it right now.

Justin- Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Dude, What year was the great depression?

Nick- I'm not doing your work! *hears someone at the door* Oh, hold on justin. *puts the phone down*

Well, mom's at work. So, It can't be her. Hm. I got downstairs and opened the door, and was suprisingly greeted with a long hard kiss.

Nick-*blushing* Hello, to you too.*grabs his hand; pulls him in* Where's kev????

Joe- Work. I decided to come over and spend time with my favorite 17 year old. *shuts the door behind him*

Nick-*smiles* Oh, hold on. I left Justin on the phone. *runs upstairs*
Joe-*laughs; follows after him* Who's Justin?

Nick- A best friend. *picks up the phone* Hey, Just, sorry about that.

Joe-*sits next to him; notices a bunch of dvds*

Nick- Yeah, ok. You better pass that test...

Joe-*starts going through them*

Nick- Alright, bye. *hangs up* Whatcha doin'?*sits next to him*

Joe- Wanna have a movie day? *looks up at him; smiles*

Nick-*blushes; nods* It could be our first date.

Joe-*laughs; kisses his cheek*

Nick- What movie do you wanna watch?????

Joe- Ummm, Titanic?

Nick- I never saw that.

Joe-*suprised* Seriously?

Nick-*nods alittle*

Joe-*pecks his lips* Do you wanna watch it?

Nick- Sure.

Joe-*goes to turn out the lights*

Nick-*sticks the dvd in; sits down on the bed*

Joe-*sits next to him; pulls him on his lap; whipsers* You might cry...

Nick-*giggles* I think i can handle it.

-Alittle into the movie-

Nick-*laughs* Ew, he's teaching her to spit.

Joe-*laughs* Want me to teach you how to spit?

Nick-*rolls his eyes* I'm not a girl. I know how to spit, Joseph.

Joe- I'm kidding, love. *kisses his cheek*

-a couple hours into the move; almost the end-

Nick-*starts to cry*

Joe-*notices; pauses the movie; turns him around* Nicky....I told you you'd cry. *wipes his eyes*

Nick- I'm such a baby...*sniffs*

Joe- Your my baby. And besides, I teared up when I first saw this.

Nick- Why'd he have to die?

Joe-*hugs him*

Nick-*cuddles into his chest*

Joe- Do you want me to press play???


Joe-*continues to watch*

Nick-*starts balling*

Joe- *stops it; pulls him into his chest again* What's wrong? This can't just be about the movie...

Nick-*looks up at him* What if that happens to us?

Joe- Nick, that'd never happen. Trust me. *presses his lips against nick's*

Nick-*pulls away* Oh, right. Cause You'll be with kevin. *crosses his arms*

Joe-*suprised* What?


Joe-*sighs; turns nick around* Nick?

Nick-*looks away*

Joe-*cups his face in his hands* Nick...?

Nick- What?

Joe- I love you.

Nick-*shocked* Y-you do?

Joe-*smiles alittle* Of course.

Nick-*blushes* I love you too. *yawns*

Joe-*kisses him softly; pulls away* Wanna take a nap?

Nick- Mhm. *clings to Joe; dosing off*

Joe's Pov.
He loves me. God, this boy makes me so happy. He wrapped his arms around my neck and rested his head on my shoulder. I kissed his hair and carefully lifted him up and and laid us down on the bed. he cuddled into me and I wrapped my arms around him. I heard him yawn, one more time and soon after, his cute, soft, snores broke the silence. I laughed lightly and played with his hair. I love him so much. Awhile later, I dosed off along with Nick.

-Later that Day-
Nick's pov

I opened my eyes alittle and smiled, rolling over to see Joe. But He wasn't there....What? I quickly sat up and immediatelly felt depressed. That wasn't a dream was it? I started to get up and my leg brushed across something. I'm guessing paper, cause I just got a paper cut. OW. I unfolded it and in neat hand writing, There was a note:

Hey, Nicky. Today was fun. I loved it and I love you. Please don't be mad. I had to go. I'm sorry I wasn't there when you woke up. I needed to go home with Kevin. I'll try and spend time with you tomorow.
Love you,

I bit my lip and tried to figure Out what I was feeling. I was so happy today. Especially since Joe told me he loves me. But he left. To Kevin. Kevin. What am I thinking? Why would I possibly think he'd leave kevin for me. I know he never will. I wish he was mines....We can't even date.
I shouldn't have even gotten myself into this.

end. short. Sowwy. No drama yet. It's comming.
OHHH, and be well aware that the end of the marathon...is a cliffy.

Oh yeah, youtube's gay.

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