Aurora, Colorado Shooting: Survivor Stories From 'Dark Knight Rises' Theater





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Published on Jul 22, 2012

ABC's David Wright is in Aurora with stories of sacrifice and bravery in the wake of the shooting.

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hunter thompson
Is it me or do we never hear about the average people surviving stories but only those who are high school football stars and the most important people get all the coverage?
hunter thompson
+Pete Agassi that's a generous estimate lol
Adam Blister
Yeah. I'm sure the combined IQ of this guy and his buddy is probably around 2. 
Adam Blister
"The lord decided he was gonna keep me around...." LOL!  I guess he didn't want to keep the others around. Fuckin' "lord" can suck my fat dick! 
+TheLegoReviwer Plans? I thought he was all about free will?
Dude god has plans for everyone that was there time to leave..... GOD BLESS YOU!
Just a Guy
bullshit legal propaganda
Smh on these comments. Human's are disgusting including myself because I'm no angel but some of you take the freakin cake. 
Ryan Ehlis
bullshit crisis actors!!! fake shit!
@HuisinSauce. Why does your God's plan have to involve the deaths of innocent people? How about the suffering of little children brought on by cancer or any sickness or disease? Not to mention all of the men, women and children in Africa dying from starvation and aids? The thing I find most disgusting though is that your God is omniscient. He knew far ahead of time that this would occur. He planned it all out and set the foundations of the universe and knew exactly what we were going to do from the time we are born until the time we will die. Cops and fire fighters risk their own lives to save other people and your God just sits on his lazy ass and does nothing but still gets all the credit. He is omnipresent. He is EVERYWHERE (That includes time and space) God Almighty was in that theater just watching good people being viciously murdered in cold blood by a sick fucking psychopath. Why doesn't he anything? He could have stopped it effortlessly! This is not a character of holiness, it's a character of massive sadistic cruelty and for anyone who attempts to justify, make pitiful excuses and call it "love" or "mercy" is insanity.
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BellaMetallicA Humans aren't perfect, humans kill, humans sin. God forgives them, and mourns for the victim(s). It's just ment to happen
BellaMetallicA You obviously need to study more of the bible to understand what you said.
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Taylor Made
God IS SO REAL!!! He is working miracles in my life... EVERY SINGLE DAY! Thank u God for ur abundant joy! 
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Lynn Cooksey
If people in this world have a certain belief that something of a higher power, hence divine intervention determined their reason for believing he or she was spared in an event such as this, then you have no fucking right to have judgment on him or her. I am agnostic and I am not stating nor do I believe that "GOD" had anything to do with why some died or some were killed, but just because something in your past has given you a reason to hate GOD, that does not allow YOU to pass judgement on those who believe in something of a higher existence.
P Fernando
So he couldn't work his miracles to save all the other innocent people. Or how about the people starving in Africa or kids that are dying at this exact moment as I'm writing this because of birth defects and etc. He is either evil or not Omnipotent.
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Christina Kiriakes
the first guy is such a coward for leaving his friend.
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John Bryan
Screw that, you can make new friends later. If you ain't my family, don't expect me to take a bullet for you.
Christina Kiriakes Putting someone else's life before yours is much easier said than done.
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Myles H
He jus left him there?
+bud ley bingo!!! none of this makes any sense. all the so called witnesses seem like theyre lying , the body language , the way the media edits the video, the story lines about heroism ,its all bullshit , wheres the video evidence !i hate to say it but theres always photos of the carnage online in most cases . its a dead give away
bud ley
Hows he supposed to carry a guy that big while getting shot at
Liv Bug
My brother and me were going to go I was young and my brother was a teen I lived in Aurora at the time so we were going to go and I will never say this again but I am happy that my brother got grounded and we didn't end up going all I can say is thank god
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