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Published on Mar 24, 2010

In which John discusses the top 10 amazing power moves--both offensive and defensive--in the animal kingdom. From giraffes to frogs to acid-ejecting beetles, animals have some awfully bizarre and awesome survival behaviors.

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Where's the Mantis Shrimp? Punching so fast that the water around its claws boil and creates minute specs of light is by far the most awesome superpower. Did you also know that it has the most insane supervision known to any species?
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The content of the video is great very informative but I find the way of talking of the host irritating, like everything he says has to have an EMPHASIS! 
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how about the mantis shrimp, the one that can punch with a force of a 22 caliber bullet, and so fast that it creates a vacuum between it and its prey
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Why did so many people dislike this video :0
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This video is so old, it asks for a rating, IN STARS freaking STARS!
the mantis shrimp has two large mandibles that it can extend so fast it creates a flash of light that boils the water around it and creates bubbles that, when they collapse, create a shockwave that can shatter aquarium glass. oh, and they kill everything that moves
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My favourite power move is that humans under pressure to do things can procrastinate entire days by watching videos on youtube
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The plural of "Platypus" is not "Platypi." The word is not a second declension masculine Latin noun. It comes from Greek (Platys = flat, Pous = foot), and when used in Latin was still declined as a Greek word of the third declension. The proper Greek derived plural is thus Platypodes. The common English form Platypuses is still far more correct that Platypi. (The same hold true for the word Octopus. Its most correct plural is Octopodes, but Octopuses is far preferable to Octopi.) It is also worth noting that your "Latin" pronunciations (like those of most English speakers) are terrible.You are pronouncing the terminal i more like the diphthong ae, which would be the 1st declension feminine plural ending (in the nominative case, and the singular in the genitive, dative, and locative). Letters never "say their name" in Latin. The letter i should sound more like the English name of the letter e. In English we pronounce it pretty much the same way when in the middle of words, but there is this strange habit of pronouncing terminal letters differently. That does not happen in Latin. It is not quite perfectly phonetic (since C, K and Q can make the same sounds, X is the same thing as CS, and BS sounds more like PS in order to avoid sounding too much like BZ), but does come very close.
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the ants are like crepers
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Maria Yssabel Magsino
The carpenter ant's power move reminds me of a creeper in minecraft
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