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Published on Apr 4, 2011

In my totally realistic WW3 simulation, the BNP are a communist entity...bla bla bla

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Haha, the shittiest WW3 simulation ever.
fergus cruise
Agreed, the British economy wouldn't just collapse, the bnp would never be elected, if the British economy is bad they wouldn't have the money for intervention, the us would invade Britain, nukes would be dropped on Moscow, there would be a British revolution, the bnp are the opposite of communists, they are facist
Turkish GAMER
+Elizabeth Dewitt götten sallamışlar 1 milyon kişi izlemiş. Şarkı için gelmişler amk
Ovde Blizu
WTF?Communist UK?They don't even have a communist party lol
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+Nathan H what does BNS mean the British national socialist party?
Nathan H
The monarchy doesn't rule Britain holy shit people are dumb!! The second the BNS party is created the UN would stop it from gaining power
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Áine Ražnatović
This better be a joke
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Áine Ražnatović
+Shiroe - The Villain in Glasses It's okay
Winter xx
+Áine Ražnatović Oh I see. Sorry, I'm not too familiar with the politics over there. 
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such a fucking bullshit, the most shittiest WW3 simulation i have ever seen
I don't think this is supposed to be realistic. If it is then the maker of the video is clearly retarded
Evans -du-82
UK invade France ????xD bullshit 
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1 ) During the battle of Dunkirk, Churchill and Ramsey had estimated that a maximum of 30 000 british could be evacuated. French organized the defense of the city (english troops refused to defend the city with the french and stayed on the beach) to allowed british troops to escape. It was finally 198 000 british troops that was saved thanks to the french troops. And Vichy government was not even created. General Brooke said : "It's hard to imagine how Britain have carried on the war without Dunkirk. Even Guderian, German general said that Dunkirk was a disaster. German general Von Klucher even qualified french soldiers as brave and among the best in the world. And For some historians, Dunkirk was a turning point in the war and helped a lot for the Allied victory 5 years later.  2) You have a big advantage : you live on an island with no spuerpower near you, unlike France/Germany etc..  3 ) After the napoleonic wars... when 6 empires where needed to defeat France during the 7th coalitions wars.  4) It was not France's naval ship in his entirety. It was only an "escadre" posted in Alexandrie and it was not a regular battle. UK open fire even if France and UK was still in negotiation.  And so what? France beat the ass of british troop a lot of time during the history, and it changed nothing as I said before. It's not because you're giving me some (incomplet) facts that it will change something nowadays. And btw we are allied so...  
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Why the fuck not communism, I don't understand, it doesn't have to be communism like previous ones , communism is a much better idea than for example democracy. Communism is the idea of the perfect world and unity where everybody is equal. Democracy is a marketing deal , while communism is society deal . If you know what I mean. Democracy is when you have your land and your friend has the land across and you fight for the land between , so you say peace and everybody gets the half., that's democracy , the communism is when in that same example , join all land together and unite , and in communism there are not two rival sides , there's only one , and that would be our human race ,in the perfect scenario. That is the idea. No country's , no money , no land. All one society .
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Lieutenant Chell
+armagedonk The US is a Republic, not a Democracy. 
Cody Saugestad
So... if their's no money what would we use? If everything is free no one would work, If no one works, things would stop working and if things stop working and theirs no new things to replace it with then power grids fail and the world plunders into chaos all because things were free and people were equal. I'm not saying that it sounds okay but you actually can't be equal otherwise things collapse like order.
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Fryd Luk
Within the first 30 seconds this video is full of shit. Britain starting a random war on Ireland would cause the entire EU to declare war against it, America would most likely go against it too. The war would be over within days.
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James White
+xlpeoplepower pretty much.
+Miles Skocik in which case then, you are just asking for a nuclear war to occur
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David Schuknecht
Haha what a joke Germany Gets invaded by britain hahaha :p
C Bronson
It can happen, Germany can't invade Britain though:)
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