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Published on Nov 2, 2011

Chemtrail chemical trail spraying.

Look out look up and take action.

The jets spraying over Adelaide have red under the tails. There is even a big four-engined jet that sails over the city every evening at about 6 pm. It too has red under the tail. The jets are either unmarked or have red or orange markings.

It is thought that these aircraft come from the US Pine Gap base in central Australia and from other bases.

The best place to hide something is in plain view. That is true.

These people did not ask for permission to spray populations.

There is a need for petitions to parliamentarians, with a large amount of signatures.

With unusual situations, it is usually best to follow the money... who is benefiting? There are any amount of potential beneficiaries, from, at the lesser end, scientists and chemical makers, to, at the truly dangerous end, medicine makers, GM seed makers, and other assorted criminals and loony toons. The point is, these people get control of the top of the armed forces and also bribe politicians.

Noone really knows their end aims.

The US Air Force has defined contrails as forming above 33,000 feet when hot engine exhaust momentarily condenses ice crystals into pencil-thin vapor trails that quickly vanish like the wake behind a boat. This is entirely different to chemtrails, the huge white lines that linger for hours, spreading out across the sky and turning into wispy, whitish grey and unnatural-looking clouds. Chemtrails are identified by the varying patterns of X's, tic-tac-toe like patterns, and parallel and cross-hatched lines. The lines can be seen as one long line from horizon to horizon or as many shorter lines of varying lengths. The aircraft that are doing the spraying are mostly white with no markings or have red/orange markings.

Phoenix, Arizona:
"Some of our peers in the military, that have already asked questions, have been told: keep this quiet, but the American people have been subjected to bio-warfare and we (the government) are healing them without their knowledge."

Member of the German Bundestag, Monika Griefahn, chaired the Committee for Culture and Media of the Federal German Parliament when she replied to a letter from two chemtrail-concerned citizens in July, 2004. She said, "I am in basic agreement with your concerns about experiments of various kinds that are being carried out in the earth's atmosphere. I share your concern over the use of aluminum and barium compounds, which have considerable toxic potential." A German science magazine recently stated, "In the skies of Germany, Social Democratic member of Parliament Monika Griefahn tells us, aluminum and barium compounds are being spread, just as tens of thousand of concerned citizens have observed, documented and bitterly deplored. But the public outcry in Europe will have to spread to North America if we are to stop this massive, illegal and continuing air and atmospheric pollution."

"It is however an important question to ascertain the reasons for this spraying... as its existence has been linked to various experiments whose purpose (according to scientific studies) is either control of the greenhouse phenomenon or even climate modification with a view to creating mass weapons... documented answers must be provided."

It is said that 90% of people have no idea this is going on, and it has been since at least 1998 in the US and Europe. Inform your neighbors.

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