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Uploaded on Jul 23, 2008

Vote for McCain & He'll SHOP FOR YOU!! ... Ugh.... Does he actually say 'what's the difference here... one is Dole and one is...'? Shall we say 'one is DOLE and one is McCAIN? (We're talking BOB DOLE.)

The real diff? How about the ONE she picked can save money on quantity, and the individual ones YOU grabbed are going to cost her family plenty more than she wanted. But she's polite and pretended to play along with the 'ol fuddy duddy'.

I love it when he stares at the mandarin oranges label and wonders "...are these Mandarin Oranges really Mandarin... from China?"

He is SO out of touch, he probably doesn't even know what a UPC code is on a label. Probably thinks it is a pretty pattern so people have something nice to look at. Shopping in a SUIT? Really!

IF there is ANYTHING that shows how OUT OF TOUCH JOHN McCAIN is with the American People, this is it!

C'mon people. Who is the elitist here? The guy who married a gazillionaire wife and eats out so often he has no idea what to do in a store... or the one who worked his way up through life and school and made his own way?

Barack Obama and John McCain are two very different people, but my guess is that the 'common-people-John' is no longer around and has been replaced by the 'career-politician-John'. That's the one you see bumbling around the grocery store, unable to function.

It's pretty sad to see McCain unable to do anything when the applesauce jars fall - oh well, someone will take care of it. He doesn't even start to stoop to help. He DOES do a fantastic single shuffle step away from the attacking jars, something in the line of a 'scrape that dog doodie off my shoes' sorta way.

After watching over several times now, I do take pity on the guy for letting himself get this out of touch. He looks sooooo hurt when he picks the wrong package and scrambles to grab it again when she tells him she'll go ahead and take that one too, to save his dignity.

What's worse, the jars just roll up and bounce right off his shoe. This guy is supposed to react to big events in the White House?? He seizes up at the sight of tumbling groceries. If they were trying to humanize John McCain, they did him a disservice sending him into the store shopping in a dress suit.

Then again maybe he did himself a disservice by not keeping up with the times in the real world and going to the store every once in awhile instead of having servants and maids and butlers do it for him.

Who is the real everyday-people's presidential nominee? . . .


Barack Obama John McCain shop store accident fall applesauce embarrassing gaffe immigration speech mistake economy trip

Enjoy as the elitist interaction John McCain contasts with this real down-to-earth American.


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