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Published on May 28, 2013

I really liked this case because I love rain.

At the crime scene, Mal, the coroner, starts speaking with Phelps right away. After running down the time and cause of death, look at the body.
Turn the victim's head her-right followed by her-left to reveal a dry cleaning label that is a clue.
After seeing that, study the footprints and tire tracks near the body.

Leave the crime scene to be flagged down by patrolman Gonzales. He introduces a woman who saw a suspicious man. Believe her statement, and then use the near by gamewell to contact R & I.

R & I will give you the address of the dry cleaners and and hobo camp.
!!!!! DO NOT go to the hobo camp first. This cuts off a portion of the case. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, go to the laundry mat.

Once there, wait for Galloway to walk up to the counter for the next scene to trigger. Look at the business's service ledger to find the address of the victim. Her clothing tag number was F1363.

It's safe to go to the hobo camp now, but Mrs. Taraldsen's home is very close to the Superior Laundry, so drive there next.
Once there, knock on the door to be brought inside and start an investigation.

Baron's Bar matchbook - On the dining table next to the chess board.
Another matchbook - In the master bedroom. On the dresser.
Turned down photo - In the master bedroom. On the dresser.
Victim's I.D - In the wet gear room next to the kitchen. By the sink, in a handbag.
Muddy Boots - On the ground in the wet gear room.
Wet clothes - On a the kitchen door knob. Next to the door to the backyard.
Bow Rope - On the front-side of the boat outside.
Husband's Alibi - Call R & I to have them investigate Mr. Taraldsen's claim of being at a poker game.

Now, interrogate Mr. Taraldsen.
Possible Suspects - Lie - Bow Rope
Alibi for Lars Taraldsen - Doubt
Victim's State of Mind - Doubt
Last Contact with Victim - Lie - Muddy Boots or Wet Clothes

Once you're done with him, might as well go to the hobo camp (so, you don't some annoying "you could have done this" sort of message at the case closed screen).
At the hobo camp, turns out your suspect isn't currently there, so next stop is Baron's Bar.

Interrogate the bartender at Baron's bar.
Last Contact with Victim - Truth
Vagrant Male Suspect - Doubt
Yellow Cab 3591 - Truth

After questioning him, he points out Richard Bates, a possible suspect. Bates will make a run for it. Chase him until he hops into a truck, so hop into a car that conveniently stops near by.
Keep your distance from Bates kinda high and your speed kinda low. (He turns a lot, and you can get stuck behind a fence or light post.) Once he's driving steady down a four-lane street, pull up to his side to have Galloway shoot at the tires and end the chase.
Now, for the rest of the case, you can just respond to every interview question with Doubt. Doubt Bates on both questions Phelps asks him.
Once Bates is taken away, use a phone to put a trace on the yellow cab and/or learn that the sailor suspect is awaiting questioning.
Wait around until the Yellow Cab's Trace appears as a location. Head over to its location as quick as you can. The Trace may update, which is fine, just keep driving until you find the cab. Pull behind it and wait for the next scene to trigger. After speaking with the driver, head to Central Station.

The sailor, Jessop, is waiting in interview room 2. Doubt him on all his responses.
Afterwards, follow-up his claim of being on a bus with Theresa.
At the bus depot, speak with the clerk to learn the route of the bus driver that was on duty the night Jessop was with Theresa.
Start tracking the bus driver by traveling his route counter-clockwise; ( in other words, start the search by going west). Since you're going in the opposite direction, you can stop the bus by parking in front of it. Hop out the car and approach the driver to clear Jessop.

Second to last stop, time for the hobo camp. Once there, you get into a fist fight with the lead suspect, Stuart Ackerman. Kick his ass and then investigate his shed.
Look at the newspaper, and then net the bloody rope and Theresa's purse as clues.
The rope is on a counter next to the bed.
The purse is on a table next to a picture of Ackerman. Find Theresa's initials on it, and open it up and analyze the ballroom ticket inside.
Last stop, head to Central to question Ackerman.

For Ackerman's interview, you can either Doubt him on all his responses (which makes him seem seem hostile and communist), or you can present evidence to make him be aloof during the interview.
Motive for Murder - Lie or Doubt - Bloody Rope
Contact with Victim - Doubt
Alibi for Stuart Ackerman - Lie or Doubt - Theresa's Purse.

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