Knights and Merchants (KaM) Remake: Let's Play Invasion




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Published on Jun 14, 2015

This is me (cmowla) playing Skypper's map called "Invasion", formerly called "Zombie Apocalypse". I have posted replays on knightsandmerchants.net/forum of me beating this in the past, and KaMRemakefan made a video of one of my replays:
However, this video shows *how* I play (live), what I focus on, etc., throughout the entire game.

(For those who have the r5503 KaM Remake installed, he or she can download the accompanying replay file from http://www.knightsandmerchants.net/fo....)

I don't usually upload gaming-related videos, but I wanted to upload this on my channel to teach others who play this game how to win this particular map/scenario: it's the hardest scenario ever made for this game.

Basically this is a fighting map with 60 waves (every 90 seconds, a new wave comes to destroy your buildings...if you lose both your barracks and your storehouse, you lose). Each wave is more intense, and thus you must find ways to have minimal casualties so that you can build up your army to keep up with the increasing AI army. That is, at the beginning, you're given a small army and you only have to fight small armies, but as the game goes on, you will be given more recruits and weapons (iron weapons are given later) and will be "expected" to fight larger armies (and, as the game goes on, you have a shorter and shorter break between waves because the waves last longer and longer). At the beginning, the difficulty is very easy, and it remains easy just long enough for you to build up an army of 400-500 or so to face thousands and thousands of iron armored units...more than 40% of all of the AI troops you fight attack you in the last 15 minutes of the game (waves 51-60)!

Assuming you can eventually beat the game, it lasts at least an hour and a half as does this game.

I primarily uploaded this to show how it really is possible to beat this map without reloading saves or cheating.

I played this particular game in the version of the remake, r5503, where the effectiveness/deadliness of the arrows from bowmen and crossbowmen were at a minimum against knights and sword fighters. I decided to play it in this (hard) version because I show setups and tactics that, since they work so well in this version, will surely work well in later versions of the remake.

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    • Knights and Merchants: The Shattered Kingdom
    • 1998
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