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Published on Sep 4, 2011

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Season 1 Episode 15

While at Jersey Shore scaring people as we usually do. The man in red approached to check Freaky out, Freaky then turned to scare him, the guy unloaded on him with a powerful haymaker sending him crashing to the ground on top of an innocent by stander.

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Lemme defend the snowman in this way you little pricks. Do you walk up to a person standing still and when he turns his head and or his body, or even just slightly moves lemme see it's a person moving like I do should I punch him like a mentally ill parent would or would I be a good sport in the snowman's prank case.Or in the humans  case I'll just punch him in the face and K.O him for basic homosapian movement!
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Commander Shepard
+TorchicUseEmber it wasnt intentional stupidass , it was his natural instinct. fuck the fags who liked ur post, fucking morons
Dam Haze
Lol, its ironic i guess that i would jump to that conclusion without perhaps seeing it fully from a different perspective. Cheers for explaining it in a sensible manner, have a good day!.
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You can clearly see that this guy was prepared to knock him down, think about it how many times have somebody surprised and you hand to "Wind Up" to punch them instead of just punching them? This guy was an asshole who just wanted to look tough.
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+Jeriandis I'd replay back with an insult back back but I don't sense a hint of intelligence in this comment so its waste of time other than for to say "Congrats now go back pissing other people off who don't care about you're opinion other than to start trouble"
+Rathalos You're an idiot that doesn't understand the fight or flight reaction. Clearly yours is flight. Doesn't make the other one wrong you shithead.
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Lol at this fucking meathead. Punch first, ask questions later. Like how much of a primal instinct can your mind operate on that you literally don't even take a second to think, "what's going on, should I punch this, is this snowman with no arms really a threat to me?". Just fucking punch it brah
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Greyfort 7
+Mäu You must not live in The Americas. We never refer to ourselves as Americans unless we live in The United States of America. I would not refer to myself as an American. I'm Canadian.
+madara uchiha American is the term for somebody who lives on the continent of America not a race. 
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The Mean Conservative
I don't understand why everyone is hating on this guy. He just wanted to show his daughter the snowman, it moved, it has menacing eyes, his instinct was to protect his family. He should be commended for have fast reflexes like that when trying to secure the safety of his daughter. 
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Ko Technik
Sasha Kearley
Yip. That.
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why would he do that, doesn't he understand jokes. Typical ignorant person
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Jared Maxwell
Oh hey look, a democrap
Oprescu Florin
You managed to herd some wise asses here :))) 
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poor little girl
Shawn Davis
WHY OH WHY did you cut the video after the punch?? Damn you to hell, where's the rest of it?!?
juhi goyal
+Shawn Davis ikr!...that's the thing we wanted to see!
John Hanks
What was the aftermath ?
i feel bad for that little girl with the blue shirt...... XD he felll on her XD
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Same feel sorry for the girl
Jason Greene
+sean lye Wouldn't that make the impact worse? That's like instead of being hit with a fist, you're hit with a fist AND a wrecking ball.
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Man 0 all Js
After the video: "Sorry bro, it's a Jersey thing."
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Soph H
"Dude what the f*** is that behind me??" - Eric Cartman 😂
Roblox Girl
snookie wants smoosh smoosh 😊
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