Under the Stars (Movie-One) Episode- 31 (JEMI)





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Published on Jun 12, 2012

Story Here!

Pulling away the slightest to catch my breath, he pulled me closer by gripping my waist and resting his lips on the corner of my mouth. *If they don't like our growing friendship, I really don't think they'll like this. Especially Dallas.*

Joe chuckled, *Yeah, maybe not. But I don't care.* He looked at me, smile still present. *I told you, I don't like Dallas like that. I'm more crazy about her loser little sister.*

I smirked, looking down. *Yeah, and I think I'm liking the jerk jock who plays girls like musical chairs.*

He laughed, brushing his lips against mine. *The only one I'd like to play as a musical chair right now is...*

*Demi,* We turned to find Dallas standing behind. Joe turned back to me, rolling his eyes and standing aside but keeping his arm on my back. *Are you ok?*

I nodded, looking up at Joe. *Perfect.* My eyes diverted back to Dallas and a look of guilt flashed through her eyes, as well as hurt. *No thanks to you... big sis.* Dallas walked forward, ready to speak but I turned to Joe again. *Let's get back. I'm hungry.*

He nodded, sliding his hand from my back and grabbing my hand, entwining his fingers with mine. Joe lead the way, passing Dallas, *Demi..* She said.

*Enough, Dallas. Ok?* Joe took word. Dallas' seemed to have been taken back by his tone of voice. *Just lay off. You didn't have much to say earlier, so why now? It's not like you give a shit. At least not with those two around.* He pulled me with him, leaving her standing alone.

Joe and I made our way back to camp, Lauren's eyes being the first reached. She smiled over at me, a smile that shivered me down to the core. Joe glared her way and tightened his grip on my hand. She noticed and her smile faded to a small grin and turning away. *Don't even listen to her. She's just...*

*A bitch?*

He chuckled, walking me over to one of the logs. *You know, I like you finishing my sentences.*

*Good.* I smiled.

With my back against Joe's chest and his arms wrapped around me in front of the last fire of our camping trip, a lot began to come in prospective. Like how Joe and I had grow into more, and how my sister and I grew further apart. Before even setting off on this trip, in the back of my head I thought, for a mild second, that Dallas and I could at least salvage this broken relationship. But no, it didn't go quite as planned. I didn't get my sister back, but rather a revealed crush.

My life hasn't been as easy as it should be, given my age. I'm still too young to be having had a near death experience, and having been the one to cause it. I remember waking up in the hospital and seeing machines hooked up to every inch of my arm. Seeing the nurse smile at my opened eyes and a sigh of relive to echo through her lips, as if it was a miracle that I made it through. And it was. I could have died that day and just for the sole feeling of depression. I hated myself. Hated everything I saw in me. Having parents who loved me, but didn't want to talk it through in hopes of erasing my issues made it hard as well. Having a sister who made fun of me, and made me feel like nothing when she was the only person I looked up too, doubled it. But in the long run, I guess it was all a lesson learned and happy beyond believe that I am still hanging on.

Brad, Sam, and the girls had walked down to the Lake after Joe and I returned, leaving Dallas there. We hadn't seen them all afternoon. I knew, somewhere in Dallas, that she was feeling guilty about what had happened, but I wasn't about to apologize for over reacting when it came to that.

I nuzzled closer to Joe, feeling his body's heat even above the fire ahead of us. His arms tightened around me as his lips brushed over my temple, leaving a small brushed kiss. *Are you ok?*

I nodded. That was the first mention to earlier that he had drawn. I didn't need to speak much and Joe didn't need to ask much to know. Since we sat down, he was giving me space in my own head. Space and time, with no pushing in making me talk. No. He only sat here, holding me and letting me know that everything was ok. And I clung onto him, not wanting to let go.

It's close to ending... a few more episodes left. I'm thinking. THINKING... Lol... of writing a second season to this. There are a few lose ends that I still need to tie up and incase yall haven't noticed, this is MOVIE ONE.... ;) I'll ask on the last episode again, but I'm still not sure.


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