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Published on Aug 1, 2012

And that's saying something.

More scurrilous lies from the shameless Guardian

The Guardian's Jewish problem

Guardian writer plumbs the moral depths

The Guardian's anti-Semitic explanation for the Shalit deal

Guardian readers' editor on... averting accusations of anti-Semitism

The Guardian acknowledges anti-Semitism... or does it?

How could the Guardian give a platform to a genocidal fascist?

Hamas leader's op-ed enforces Guardian's anti-Israel message

The Guardian turns the world upside down again

Left-wing bias written in the BBC's DNA, says newsreader.

According to the BBC, Israel has no capital city

Guardian editorial defends anti-Semitic preacher

The Guardian and David Miller

Islamophobia silencing Muslims?

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Comments • 5,937

nobby stiles
Pat , become a politician , you will be in Downing Street in a couple of years
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+Melardhoniel Elendil Sure!, but then an honest person, at number 10, would have to sack 90 percent of the politicians, at westminster! and to have an honest country leader would put a spanner in the works of global politics which runs, completely on the fuel of hushed-up crime, and, corruption! - it would be great to have a perfect World!, but politicians will NEVER bring about a perfect World! 
Scallion Martin
+ENWANTSA It would be refreshing to have someone honest in Downing street for a change.
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The Guardian is more or less an Islamist news paper.
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Brian Russel
Dildo Schwaggins .(guest). Please refrain from such crudeness : it has no place in civilised debate. 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Dildo Schwaggins
+howard yearley Yeah, I wanked off in your mum's mouth. 
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Is it bad that I knew he'd be talking about the Guardian just from the title?
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H Macbeth They went after Corbyn because he was anti eu. Until he lied to try and win the GE. Now they support him to the point of acting like an official groupie.
Mr Opinionated
Virideon I knew it as well. The Guardian is run by rich do gooders who have never seen what the working class see on their streets in their sad pathetic left wing lives.
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Paul Morris
The Guardian is the most racist newspaper there is. It is fiercely anti-British, particularly anti-English and anti-white.  It's neoliberal metropolitan elitist readers are diversity fetishist wankers whose intelligence extends no further than calling anyone who disagrees with their bullshit a racist. Perhaps these wankers ought to research the meaning of the word.
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Mannley Collins
The Guardian is a staunch defender and supporter of the Monarchy led Oligarchy that regards this country as its personal cash register. The Guardian never exposes the Monarchy dissembled LIE that this country is a democracy. The Guardian practises the same kind of vile censorship that the Nazis and the Communists did. The Guardian is Jew hating just the same as the Nazis.
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I love my country and The Guardian hates it, therefore I hate these traitors.
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El Mugre
The problem with a fool is, they are foolish enough to love themselves. Thus encouraging yet more foolish behaviour. This can be equally entertaining and irritating for the rest of us.
Gul-pham khan
+jwgeezer Oh you do,do you,really,l find that a little hard to believe from someone who does not like a newspaper,you do,really not buying "I love my country," who cares
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Pat Condell president ! The Gardian should rightfully be renamed the Garbage. It would have to change only four letters.
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Entrenched Mgtow
Whatever! It was still funny!
+rareword Or five if you knew how to fucking spell.
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"Victims are not responsible for their actions, It must be someone else's fault." This man speaks the truth and it's like a dagger in the gut. Some piece of scum in human form kills a dozen people on a spree, he's declared "mentally ill," and society or the government is blamed for not providing him with mental healthcare. I hate this age in which I live in; these are disgusting times.
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+abc64pan It seems as though Huxley is right in what he wrote, in his book: "brave new world" - humans are turning into something else other than human, or humane!
+Baza 1 How about the age of f'ing common sense?
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Gary Barton
I wouldn`t insult my arse by wiping it with the Guardian.
Adam Hinchliffe
In the short time it has existed, Israel has become a stable and economically successful country (and, unlike their neighbours, have no oil). It is a democracy whose citizens enjoy a standard of living similar to that we enjoy in the West. Pop of the border to Syria, Lebanon or nearby Iraq and you will be entering a Hell hole where democracy, human rights and quality of life are non-existant. Is this just a coincidence? Of course not. The Arabs preside over failed states. Failed through Their own making. And if the Palastinians were to succeed in the establishment of their own state it would be yet another failed state; another Arab/Muslim Hell hole.
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Texan Tim
Johannes DeMoravia You're a bullshitter . You would live in Israel in a heartbeat , but you would scream like a scalded bitch if you were forced to live in Palestine ...what a hypocritical cow you are
Johannes DeMoravia
Adam Hinchliffe You are as bad as each other. Just opposing sides of the same defunct denomination. Jews and arabs have blighted all histories with their indefatigable treacheries and still claim their respective God-given entitlements. Bosh. The reason the Jews have integrated better with the more advanced cultures of prosperity is simply a matter of camouflage... They merge into their subversion easier with their paler epidermal covering and maintain their fastness in secretive societies. White man needs to treat both as impostors.
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Shoegazer 93
Keep it up Pat. People are starting to realise the truth
good thumbnail...good album
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