Mitt Romney RNC Speech (COMPLETE): 'When the World Needs Someone ... You Need an American'





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Published on Aug 30, 2012

GOP presidential nominee brings crowds to their feet at the 2012 Republican National Convention.

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Edgardo Cardona
This man should've been elected
Jake B
No he shouldn't have and neither should Obama
Jamiel Cotman
What happened? Why didn't he win? What was everybody thinking?
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Drunken Rooster
+ALABAMA CSA did you see how +Lightnng4563 said liberalism welcomes jews, blacks and muslims. he specifically left out whites and christians. i hope this proves to you that liberals are anti-white and anti-christian. a vote for the democrats is a vote for hate, bigotry and division. 
+ALABAMA CSA When it comes to politics, there is no right or wrong. It's all a matter of opinions. When people don't agree, they have to make ends meet and compromise and make things work. But one thing I believe strongly is separation of church and state: Religion should be kept completely out of politics. You have the right to believe whatever you want and worship whoever you want, but you can't force your lifestyle on someone else by forcing them to believe what you believe in. This nation was found on secular values, not christian ones.   That's something cock-sucking rooster up there just won't get: He's hasn't refuted a single argument I have made. Instead, he calls me a libtard and a black muslim. I'm a straight white guy just like you, so just stop all the hating. It's not christian. 
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Mitt Romney: "Silly poor people moneys for rich people." LMAO
Frank Dux
What a phony!!! Go back to selling snake oil along with Cruz, Jeb and the ilk. Trump 2016!
LEL Trip
A servant of god!! Romney 2020!! Let's do it.
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The Jack Belgarde Show
+Trump/Santorum 2016 I guess Rick would be one of the better candidates for trumps VP.But I like Mike huckabee or Jeff sessions or Joni Ernst for his VP but Rick would be great for trumps Vp.
LEL Trip
+Jack Belgarde yeah obviously
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How the heck did Obama win w/ such a horrible first term ? I'll never understand it . 
Lance Lawson
Carl Mack
Perhaps the 2 terms that preceded him, nobody wanted to go back down that track
Michael Staker
What an awesome speech! If only we had elected this man President of the United States of America.
Mhambi Musonda
Thank God Obama defeated you because it would have been a disaster Hillary 2016
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Chris Colon
Rainbow Dash47
R.I.P Carrie Fisher :( 
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Original KRN
All I know is any president running this country right now is going to have a really tough time, since America is already in a bad shape. I don't know how USA would've been with Romney as president, but I do know Obama is not doing so well, my personal opinion is that he cares more about just people in general rather than american people and the country itself. Since he does that america is going to get worst. Obama is a great person but not in a position to run for the president. He focuses so much on just everybody being happy in this world rather than america itself, and as a president of united states your suppose to care and do things that will benefit USA, not just people everywhere. At least Romney focuses more on america itself and seems like he would do things to benefit its citizens, while Obama sounds like hes running a donation or a motivator to just help people which is great but your job is not to do that, your job is to run the united states of america.
i think maybe the fact that he showed how he cares for people is the reason he won the election. Anything wrong with wanting happiness for humankind?
Marine Raider
This guy is a real snake oil salesman no wonder The American People saw through his smoke and mirrors.
General waffen
General waffen
Yup and I was supporting and hoping Obama will win not its time for trump

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