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Published on Sep 18, 2012

One of the favorite lines of the Teabag Republican Party is their claim that President Obama is either un-American, or that he doesn't love America. And this isn't just an empty talking point -- in large areas of the country, particularly down south, hardcore conservatives honestly believe that President Obama doesn't love this country because he isn't from the South. So as a country, would we be better off if the south finally seceded once and for all? Mike Papantonio seeks to answer that question with Chuck Thompson, author of the new book "Better Off Without 'Em."

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Hassan McNabb
American by birth, Southern by Grace of God!
wright gregson
of course there are many good and interesting Southerners, but for the most part Southern Hospitality is a sham.  they smile with their mouths but there eyes are dead! and they are only your "friend" if you go to their church.  shallow as a creek in a drought;
a comment from someone with the username holy city... totally objective
E. Smith
Let's be honest. The south has its problems. Look at the politicians (Scott, Jindal, Deale, Perry, Paul, Haley, and others). However, the most bigotry I have faced was in Minnesota, home of Michelle Bachman. My parents who grew up in the segregated south said the same thing. Let's not forget about the stop and frisk in New York City. Still, we still have problems. As a descendant of slaves, I have no where to "run" from racism in the U.S.
This man makes very valid points. I have to be honest here. Esp. born and raised here in South Carolina. I know he is telling the truth. It's such a separation and all politics is about race down here. You can stay ahead of who...As for the KKK, hell yea it's active here, and they dont hide it either. Southerners that's against this book are against the truth that he just chose to expose about the "Dirty South" and I meant that in a subliminal way. Wake Up People....
I don't think people denigrate the South for the sake of doing it. If that was the case, people would make fun off different parts of the States (in fact, people do i.e. Jersey Shore). The thing with the South is the irrational "social conservative" stances that are held there compared to other States (whether its racism, homophobia, anti-immigrant sentiment etc.) I don't think that is something you as an individual should take to heart, as if people are specifically criticizing YOU.
I meant a break down of the argument on this youtube page... I mean, I've done it before if I disagreed with the argument of a video I was watching. 
Compare to what? the NYPD? The Seattle Police Department? The Anaheim, California Police Department? What are we comparing? The truth is that people denigrate the South because it makes them fell good, ripping on "the other" fulfills an innate & primal urge to reassure ones self that "we" are not as bad as " those others, over there".
Pointing out a handful of anti-racist crusaders and claiming that they were from the South doesn't discredit the point being made. In fact, if I wasn't mistaken, Martin Luther King spent most of his protests and marches in the South fighting the Jim Crow practices taking part There. I agree with you in the extent that there are bigots through out the States, even in the North East - particularly Boston. But if we're going by how accepted certain racist practices are, you really can't compare.
Bigots like Samual Clemens, Martin Luther King Jr., Jimmy Carter & Stephen Colbert? Bigots are everywhere. I live in Charleston, South Carolina and I can honestly state w/ assuredness that the most bigoted people I know are from Michigan and New York.You don't have a decent point here.
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