TLoZ: Ocarina of Time - Part 5 - "Lon Lon Ranch"





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Published on Apr 11, 2011

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Upon arriving in Lon Lon Ranch what you want to do is go through the door with
the sign over top of it. There are all sorts of chickens running around in
this room and it is going to be the focus of a minigame. Speak with Talon and
for ten Rupees you can challenge yourself to try to find all three Super
Cuccos in thirty seconds. Basically it's just a matter of lifting chickens
and throwing them out of the way until you pick up the correct ones. Try to
keep your eye on one of the Super Cuccos at the beginning and then just
lifting chickens randomly to find the other two. After you have located all
three of the Super Cuccos, Talon will reward your with some LON LON MILK.
It's not actually the milk that is worth it but rather the EMPTY BOTTLE that
you have after the milk is gone. Empty bottles are rare and special items
that you can keep virtually any kind of liquid or other items in so the more
you have the better. Now leave this house and head up toward the fence.

You should be in an area where the horses are running around, turn to your
left and look for a tree, it's the only tree you'll see so it can't be very
hard to locate. Just like you did at the Hyrule Castle, run up to the tree
and roll into it to hear the secret sound and reveal a Gold Skulltula. Defeat
this enemy to acquire yet another GOLD SKULLTULA [006]. Make your way to the
far southwest side to find a large stone tower of sorts. Enter into this
tower and you will come across some cows and not much else. Notice all the
boxes that you can move however. What you want to do is reveal the corner
which is blocked by a box. Let's take it from the perspective of just entering
the room facing away from the door. The upper right most box, the one beside
the cow should be pulled down toward the door. After one pull go to the other
side and push it down. Now grab hold of the box in the upper left corner, the
corner you want to access and pull it to the right. You should now be able to
get to the crawlspace. Press the A button to get into the crawlspace and at
the end you will find a PIECE OF HEART [002]. Now leave the tower.

Enter into the middle of the Ranch, there is an entrance on the north side.
Speak with Malon and equip your Fairy Ocarina. Speak with her again and
she'll say something about the song. Use your Ocarina and she should teach
you the notes to the song, play along with it and you will learn EPONA'S SONG.
Now that you have Epona's Song there is something special you can do, not just
now, but whenever the hell you want. Head back to the entrance of Lon Lon
Ranch but instead of going into the house with Talon, go into the one on the
other side. Notice there are many cows in this room. Take an Empty Bottle
and head over to a cow. Stand beside it and whip out the Fairy Ocarina. Play
Epona's Song, up, left, right, up left, right and the cow will give you free
Lon Lon Milk, as will other cows. That's a pretty nice gesture.

There's one more thing to do here, leave Lon Lon Ranch and stand around until
you hear the howling of night time. Re-enter Lon Lon Ranch at night. Make
your way all the way around to the south side of the ranch, note on your map
that there is kind of a little feeding area just along the edge of the horse
fence, not the outer wall of the ranch, the inner fence. What you want to do
is go around behind this little area and there you will find another GOLD
SKULLTULA [007], be sure to defeat it and add another token to the collection.

Next what you have to do is return to the Kokiri Forest, when you first enter
the forest make a left and climb up onto the ledge. Note the wall here which
is covered in vines, you need to climb up this wall and follow the path which
leads you to The Lost Woods. There something in here you need to get.

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