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Uploaded on Apr 9, 2010

Ok on wiht the story im so sorry to make you wait to make up for it i will upload alot im changing the text form a bit later kay on wit da story

Justin-(grabs a couple grapes off the near by table) hey are u gonna hug me? (puts one in his mouth)
Eliana-(smiles fakely) aww ok (walks up to him and steals a grape from him and runs)
Giselle- (laughs but is jelous of what she has) you guys are crazy (jelously smiles and)
Her ex neighbor- (smiles fakely) i heard about your (looks at her stomach) um... condition and i bought you some gifts (smiles fakely again) BRING IN THE GIFTS HAROLD GOSH YOUR SO SLOW
Harold-(comes in with a couple boxes covering his face) im coming mom god! (drops soem boxes when he is near his mom)
Her ex neighber- (hits him in the back of the head)
Giselle-(looks at he guy in his eyes)
Harold-(also looks at her)
Her ex neighbor-(clears her throat for attention) um this is my son harold hes 22
Giselle- (comes back to reality) how come i never met him an dhes how old!!!?
Harold- im 22 (flashes a shy smile p.s his teeth are pearly white) how old are you
Giselle- (mumbles) 16....
Harold- huh speak up (lifts her head up by pushing her chin)
Giselle- i know you wouldnt like me any ways your 22 i hve to go to the bathroom ill be back

Justin and Eliana still running aroung like preschoolers
Eliana-(runs in the bathroom) no im not surrendering you cant have my cheese puffs never! (giggles and tries to shut the door)
Justin- (laughing) surender or die (forcefully pulls the door open)
Eliana-(falls back and hits her back hard on the sink) ouch! (still laughing through the pain not really noticing the pain)
The room goes completely silent
Justin-(kisses her)
Eliana-(makes it passionate)
Justin-(closes the door with his foot)
Eliana- (grabs him by his collar and throws him against the wall)
Justin-(shocked) wow...
Eliana-(walks over to him)
Justin- are you sure you want to do this i dont think we should... not! .. no wait
Eliana-shut up (kisses him)
Justin-(starts to un buckle her pants)
Eliana-(takes off his shirt)

Giselle-(starts to walk near the bathroom)
Eliana-(kisses justins neck)
Giselle- (hears justin moan and thinks twice before opening the door but goes for it and twists the nob slowly)
Eliana- oh justin
Giselle-(opens the door) OMG WTF! (turns her face) what are you 2 doing in here?
Eliana-(grabs her shirt and covers herself) we arentg doing anything!
Giselle- eww get dressed love birds (walks out but truely wants to cry over her jelousy)
Eliana and Justin- (get dressed and avoid each other the rest of the day)

Ok since i have no ideas at all from people sorry if im not good wiht my stories im a beginner and this helps in my spare time when im bored to do and i need tips and advice for them message me for ideas please! i beg! ok so the next 2 mounths

Eliana and giselle in the room they are setting up for the baby
Giselle- my feet hurt like hell! (sits in a chair)
Eliana-(wipes her head with the back of her hand) hey you arent hte one painting the walls here!
Giselle- hey! sitting and staring is a big job too! and this stupid 88 pound boulder imcarrying in front of me is an advantage too!
Eliana-(giggles and paints the last part of the wall) well i know its nto liek you a gazillion pounds like i said before
Giselle- well 121 pounds is killing me ok (fake smiles)
Eliana- oh boo hoo!
Justin-(walsk up behind eliana talking like an old guy) guess who
Eliana-bieber i have your tricks made stop with the charm!
Justin- hey i know you like this sexy smoothnlessishness
Giselle-(laughss) is smoothish .. wtf whatever you sai da word?
Justin- in my dictionary it is!
Eliana- i know where does he get this crap
Justin- so us 3 tonight? i wanna get messed up !
Eliana-(glares at him)
Justin- hey im just playin!
Eliana- you better be!
Giselle- so what do you think J you like her room?
Justin- (looks around) its ok wait heres something that would make it much.. better (takes out a button with his face on it for fans and clips it to the crib) there its much better!
Giselle- wow...
Eliana- (laughs uncontrollably hard)
The room- http://lh4.ggpht.com/cotedetexas/SGP2...
(p.s shes about 8 mounths pregnant now)
Giselle-(stops) oh god i think its time
Eliana- wait your only 7 mounths it cant be (talkign in a panic voice)
Justin-is it really!! really are you playing with us it is!
Giselle- i dont know maybe it is! (getting moody) get me to the hospital wtf!
Justin- are your favorite words wtf?
Giselle- (grabs him by his hair) listen and listen closely get me to the hospital before i rip your brainss out
Eliana-stop giselle! itds ok calm down
Justin-(looks like hes in pain) o kok just let go of my hair!
Giselle- (lets go)
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