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Published on Sep 4, 2012

Hank talks about three scientific reasons why cute things make us a special kind of crazy.

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Mica Santos
while everyone in the comments are expressing how repulsed they are by human babies, i'll just be appreciating hank's cuteness which cannot be explained by science apparently.
Mark Castillo
haha i like how he pointed that out in the end XD
Marco Murkrow
In my opinion, several animal babies are way cuter than human babies. Why's that?
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Nathan Place
Sounds plausible, especially if you consider that the high parental (especially maternal) investment in a human infant (due to long gestation and high risk during birth due to our large skulls) means that a parent is unlikely to give up on a child after all that effort purely because it isn't very cute, so at a certain point there'd be no differentiation between the selective advantage of a quite cute and a very cute baby.
+Marco Murkrow It might be because our babies don't actually need to be any cuter. Evolution seems to have a strong "if it's not broken, don't fix it" mentality. Maybe the cuteness of animals has some kind of relation to the survival rate of its distant ancestors' babies? In other words, maybe pandas and felines are in even more of a need of responsible parenting than human babies. That's just a guess, I'm not a biologist.
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Sir Dusky
Human babies are probably the most disgusting looking babies after bug babies.
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Anime Trash
Sir Dusky have you seen birds right after they come out of the egg, it's horrible.
Herbert Miller
I was born as ugly as I am now
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Austin Pinheiro
human babies dont look cute 2 me
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Gameboss NKB
DeAnne Lloyd I agree
Austin Pinheiro
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I don't find babies cute. I find human children between the ages of 5 and 10 to be the cutest. Kittens on the other hand, melt my face off with their cuteness.
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+Jemalacane0 Because we have to admit, when babies are first born...They kind of loo like, aliens, or whatever, like birds, but baby seals......SO FWUFFY
Infinity squared
+Jemalacane0 Nrrg! I can't over the internet. I'm not allowed to.
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It seems like myself, and many others too, don't think babies and infants are cute at all but other species' babies are adorable. But everyone here would surely protect a child if it was in danger.
Human babies are actually kind of icky, plus they freak me out with their fragility. Kittens and puppies and baby hedgehogs and ducklings, on the other hand, are almost as cute as Hank.
Incidental Penguin
Human babies, like bird babies, are tremendously fragile and kind of alien-looking when they are VERY new, but after a bit they plump up (or fluff up) and start lifting their heads and looking around, and then the adorable happens.
These features are super cute.  Except for when you're 21 and you still have these features.  Then its just hard to get a date. or a job.
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lol, I almost had my drivers license confiscated at a bar recently because they thought I was a high school kid with a fake trying to sneak in -.-
Silver WolfHeart
+melancholylamb I'm 11. But people think that I'm like 8 or something. So they talk to me condescending like. I'm only 4''7' and all my friends are like 5''0' so people think they are like my big sister. They say " Does your little sister want a sucker? She's so cute. How old is she, 8?" And my friend is like " First off she's my friend, second she's 11." And they're all like huh?😧
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John Doe
i find non human babies cute 
+SCP- 049 Yeah, those are all cute. They're so small. But I mean a baby tiger? Really? Those are pretty widely accepted into the cute category.
SCP- 049
Crocodiles, sharks, tigers and even saltwater crocodiles?
I have sense of cute, hell, I love cute thinks, but... I don't think that babies are cute. For me, they are ugly. 
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+justmekatrina That COULD be their irritating hover parents ... like some of my relatives.  When they're babies it's easy to pass your feeling of annoyance onto the thing that made your cool sister/brother/whatever into a psychopath.
It also doesn't help to see them as little culture tanks for all kinds of microflora that you don't want anywhere near you... =p
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