Crazy Police Brutality on 13 yr old Skater!!!





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Published on Jan 3, 2010

NEW SKATER VS. COPS VIDEO - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RuRuh...

some crazy coppa

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Police: Where do you live? Me: With my parents Police: Where does your parents live? Me: With me Police: Where do you all live? Me: Together Police: Where is your house? Me: Next to my neighbors house Police: Where is your neighbors house? Me: If i tell you you wont believe me. Police: Tell me Me: Next to my house
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Alva Strang
Who would not smile? The whole situation was ridiculous.
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Smiling gets you the death penalty in the US
Psychotic MC
#Patsnation #2016worldchamps Brady is the goat trespassing
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Jacob Snell
In the United Kingdom that police officer would be arrested and put on trial for physical abuse of a minor.
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Xavier Sanford
If it was my nigga and he said anyone want to join him I would've hopped in the car
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Wolfey Hill
Gabriel Rodriguez That Kid Is Just Getting Tooken Home And He's A Minor So It Won't Be On His Record The Rest Of His Life Worst Case Scenario It Will Be Expunged At Eighteen If You Wanna Talk Shit On Someone's Comment At Least Know What Your Talking About, Your Remedial And Your What Is Wrong With This World.
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This video is sad. These kids are hanging out together peacefully honing their skateboarding skills, keeping fit, acting like kids their age should, just my generation did many years ago. They cobbled together a ramp and just got on with being kids. They brought life and action to a boring old parking lot. If that had been my private parking I'd have asked them for a few lessons and bought them each ice cream and soda. This cop belongs in the 1960s. "Yes, Officer Krupke, he shouldn't be here This boy don't need a couch, he needs a useful career Society's played him a terrible trick And sociologically he's sick" "Gee, Officer Krupke Krup you!"
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They were trespassing on private property! Skateboarding is fine but they were trespassing all the same!
ADRIAN Gunderson-Smith
"They are on the private property." I was saying the cops had no proof that they did what was accused. That wasn't just Trespassing. "What are you saying? Who would think the back area of a private business would be public property?" If we are talking technical, like a lot of the defenders of the cop, you can't make assumptions like that no matter how obvious. "One small scratch on the drywall or pallet is damage." I should reword what I said. There was no proof that the property was harmed. Since the property wasn't harmed, like there was a piece that chipped off that didn't allow the item to work at the full capacity, it wouldn't hold up in court. "It wouldn't be required in this case." That's subjective, and again if we 're speaking technically here it is required. And if he was to read him the kids right. He could have known to plead his right to remain silent, and therefore he wouldn't have to give him any of his information like addresses and names. Then the cop would be left with a kid on his hand of which he arrested because he was laughing(the arrest was for trespassing.That wasn't the reason why the kid got arrested though.) He would have to explain why the kid was arrested to his officers, and he would probably let him go somewhere on the streets not so long after. Hopefully, the cop learns a lesson. It's not their job to teach lessons or enforce them. It's technically their job to protect and enforce the law. But their purpose is to serve and protect the people.
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tauresa ttauresa
the fat man and the policemen am sure have never done sports as both are fat. its such a shame when kids are treated this way by abusive adults. kids need to play. the policeman should have said "all you jump in and I will take you to the nearest skate park "
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Nicholas Wicht
Well the cop wasn't using brutality you pussies.
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Qui ingreditur viam prudentiae
+anime 123 That still doesn't mean that it's police brutality genius. At worst case scenario this was misuse of authority, as the officer said however these "Kids that didn't do anything wrong" according to you were not only trespassing on private property but also skateboarding on said property. Trespassing on private property is a criminal offense believe it or not so even if the actual trigger for the arrest was something as petty as the kid giving the officer a cocky smirk/smile the officer still had a legitimate reason for his arrest. The kid only has himself to blame for it or his parents for raising him in a piss poor manner, if he didn't give the officer that cocky smirk/smile he probably would have walked away from there even though he committed a crime. What you people need to get through those thick heads of yours is that the real world isn't like the internet, in the real world your actions actually have consequences.
He was retarded just like the other man.
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David Li
this cop could easily be sued and fired. a) putting handcuffs on a minor for trespassing?! ADULTS only get ticketed for trespassing. b) that pain control was unnecessary as was the pushing and pinching which can be classified as abuse and assault. c) the officer had no reason to single him out, he arrested the kid for trespassing, you either let him go with a warning like the rest or arrest all 7 of them. I hope his family took legal action.
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Jin Kim
That officer is a hero.
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Pain & Suffering
Jin Kim Skaters are gutter rats of society tho so he is a hero
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Joshua Goad
Legally, the Officer has to call his parents first. Because he's a Minor. Arresting him with no proof a "damage to property" when the kids wasn't even the kid was taunting the owner. So technically the officer broke multiple laws here.
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No he doesn't, the only thing the parents need to be there for is the reading of Miranda rights when in custody.
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