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Published on Oct 7, 2011

Manstein's Miracle.

Yes, three hours and forty minutes. This is an appropriate amount of time to spend on this topic. It's a large topic, and this is the heredetarian case here.

If you want you can pretend it's 41 different videos.

Due to youtube's description length limits, I've put the full description on my site:

Correction: according to a user named noblegas#, evogen did not say IQ had zero heritability. I was told this by someone else, and didn't bother to check. Shame on me.

Recorrection: A user named heredetarian is saying Evogen did say that implicitly in a video and explicitly in a comment. So now I am unsure.

But I put the time stamps here:

1. Context of the "debate"

- Steven Jay Gould: Egalitarian Fraud 0:00

- Franz Boas: Egalitarian Fraud 5:20

- The Egalitarian Fiction and the Collective Fraud 11:10

- Mainstream Science on Intelligence 16:45

- Mainstream Science on Race 30:18

- The Validity of Race 34:31

2. Egalitarianism in practice

- Affirmative Action and Civil Rights 40:20

- Black Invention Myths 46:25 (heavytrafficahead / cehbeach)

- Hate Crime Hoaxes 51:33

- The Lynching and Police Discrimination Myths 55:58

- South Africa 1:01:18

- Non-European Immigrant Populations 1:13:04

- Questions for Egalitarians 1:19:17

3. Basic Principles

- Ecological Correlation 1:22:14

- Validity of IQ 1:25:38

- Test Bias 1:26:48

- Controlling for Socioeconomic Status 1:28:57

- Heritability of IQ 1:29:49

- The Flynn Effect 1:37:15

- Egalitarian Backbone Fallacies 1:39:43

- Not Enough Genetic Distance 1:43:26

4. Race and IQ

- Broad Arc of Data 1:47:07

- Concepts and Science 1:53:19

- A Review 1:55:25

- The Default Position 1:57:10

- Dog Breeds, Human Races and Double Standards 1:57:31

- Prevalence of Myopia by Race 2:00:32

- Gene Amplification 2:29:39

- Regression to the Mean 2:35:42

- Brain Size 2:39:52

- Intermediate race, intermediate IQ 2:48:17

- Eyferth 2:51:21

- Nutrition 2:53:21

- Abecedarian Project 2:57:12

- Is the gap narrowing? 2:58:52

- Stereotype Threat 3:00:37

- Guns, Germs, Steel and Red Herrings 3:06:00

- You can raise your IQ! 3:11:02

- Correlation is not Causation 3:12:59

- You can't find every gene associated with intelligence! 3:15:23

5. Conclusion

- Who's the creationist 3:20:12

- Make the World Flat 3:33:41

I'm considering just disabling comments and ratings, given the complexity of this topic and given how idiots will get in groups to reinforce the stupid ideas they all have. That is, an idiot may come to this video, see some comments saying what he thinks, and thus become more confident in his views knowing that someone else also holds them.


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