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Uploaded on Nov 29, 2011

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Check description for tutorial

The 2000 carrying capacity I got using a console command, I did this just so I could carry around all the gear for the video. Everything else is legit.

Making the gear:
• For best results need enchanting, alchemy and smithing all at 100, check my videos for an easy way to get each of these to 100

• You need to have the +alchemy enchantment, you can get it by disenchanting Muiri's Ring which is a reward for completing the quest Mourning never comes. See link http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Mo...

• First create potions which give +enchanting

• Then create gear which gives +alchemy

• Then create better potion for enchanting

• Do this loop of creating potions and gear until you hit +29% alchemy gear and +32% enchanting potions.

• Now create the ultimate set of crafting gear, with
o Crafting chest piece -- smithing
o Crafting hands -- alchemy, smithing
o Crafting Circlet -- alchemy
o Crafting ring -- alchemy, smithing
o Crafting necklace -- alchemy, smithing
o Crafting chest -- smithing

Improving with smithing:
• Can now improve armour and weapons to legendary with amazing stats

Enchanting the Armour:
• You can only enchant 4 pieces of armour for each improvement:

• One handed & two handed - Boots, Hands, Necklace, Ring

• Archery - Helmet, Hands, Necklace, Ring

• Heavy & Light Armour - Chest piece, Hands, Necklace, Ring

Enchanting the Weapons:
• I like to use frost and shock damage as they damage health, stamina and magicka but it's up to you. A useful enchantment to use is soul trap so you can keep your soul gems full.

Potion recipes:

• Enchanting:
o Blue Butterfly Wing
o Hagraven Claw
o Snowberries
o Spriggan Sap

• Smithing:
o Blisterwort
o Glowing Mushroom
o Sabre Cat Tooth
o Spriggan Sap

• One-Handed:
o Bear Claws
o Canis Root
o Hanging Moss
o Hawk Feathers
o Rock Warbler Egg
o Small Pearl

• Two Handed:
o Dragon's Tongue
o Fly Amanita
o Troll Fat

• Archery:
o Canis Root
o Elves Ear
o Juniper Berries
o Spider Egg

• Heavy Armour:
o Ice Wraith Teeth
o Sabre Cat Tooth
o Slaughterfish Scales
o Thistle Branch
o White Cap

• Light Armour:
o Beehive Husk
o Hawk Feathers
o Honeycomb
o Luna Moth Wing
o Skeever Tail


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