Ah, What a Wonderful Cat Life (嗚呼、素晴らしきニャン生) English Duet Cover





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Uploaded on Aug 29, 2011

Hey everyone! Here's a duet for Ah, What a Wonderful Cat Life ^^~
I'm sorry for my fail singing x_x
Ty philsterman10 for the duet! x3

Download Link:

This guy has an amazing voice!
Please check out his channel:

Len - philsterman10
Gumi - FlowOfMemories


So this one cute cat caught my eye...
With fur as white as snow she was cute I can't deny
And on pretty evening with the moon shining bright
Would you like come out and play with me tonight?
Ya only get one chance to live your life
So take a chance and have some fun alright
The bell around your neck seems just too tight
I could tear it off and shred it if you like

Freedoms gotta be the cat's meow meow meow
Snagging fish from the seller's, chasin' pigeons all around.
Durin' daylight I just watch from the rooftops
Dreaming sweetly while the stupid humans work until they drop
Let's sweeten the deal with a meow meow meow
You can meet all of my friends that I know from all around!

So now just open up that window
And come on out!

That's a real nice offer Mr. Alley Cat
But it's really creepy when you glare at me like that
It's pretty tempting and I could give it a whirl
But do you really think that I'm some crazy stupid girl.

You only get one chance to live your life
So I have chosen to live mine up right
This bell means more to me than anything
Can you even understand what that means?

High life has to be the cat's meow meow meow
With a feast every night and a place that's safe and sound
Sure I think that water is a little scary
But a shower is the price to keep looking pretty
So let me ask a question with a meow meow meow
Just who is it that takes care of you and loves you now?

I mean can you be so sure that you won't
Get hit by some car!

My curiosity's peaked you're just so fascinating
It's something that I adore it makes me just want you more
Oh, this just can-not be that he is chasing me
I thought he'd just give up by now

My dream's gotta be the cat's meow meow meow
That one day I'll escape this beat up boring town
I'll hitch a ride to one of the countries full of snow
And gaze at the colored sky lights that shine and glow
I think that it'd be the cat's meow meow meow
If you'd cared to come and join me how amazing does that sound?
But I'm sure you'll just shoot me down though...

My life has to be the cat's meow meow meow
But it's just too hard to just go and change it all around
This house is really the only place I've known
And I promised that I'd never leave that girl alone
These chats to me are the cat's meow meow meow
So are ya gonna come?
Hey wait a minute now!

But tomorrow if you choose to stick around, I'll wait to talk again!

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