The Death of Boromir and lurtz





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Published on May 13, 2010

the death of boromir from fotr, also including lurtz getting his head whacked off!

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Uruk hai
0:24 him walking down the stairs, what a maggot and disgrace to Uruk culture, 
He shall be punished.
3 arrows to the chest and still kicked butt
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Necronomicon A
+Razvan Gabor Arrows are not frequently deadly.  It takes a very good hunter to bring even a small deer with a single arrow.  That and adrenaline. 
Adam Cutler
+Razvan Gabor adrenaline
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The thing is, everyone knew that Boromir was going to die because he was played by Sean Bean.
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Mike Larson
Maybe Sean Bean auditioned for Boromir BECAUSE he was going to die
Necronomicon A
+Bowserdude43 You missed the entire point of the book then mate.  Too bad.  Boromir represents the most human of all the characters.  Proud, vain, yet an able warrior, corruptible, yet when it comes to it, he gains redemption through sacrifice of himself for others.  Remember, Tolkien was a Catholic.  He is one of the most important characters in the story.
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Andrew Webster
One of the saddest and best filmed scene I've ever seen in a film. Both Boromir and Aragorn are men worth of being kings.
Most epic death in movie history
''Boromir slicing'' Lurtz is like: i got you now! "shoots 1st arrow" "Boromir gets up, kills 2 more" Lurtz: are you kidding me? "shoots 2nd arrow" Lurtz: DIE ALREADY!! "Boromir gets up, kills 3 more" Lurtz: really bro? "shoots 3rd arrow" "Boromir heavy breathing" Lurtz: How are you... i don't even... "going for 4th, gets disrupted by Aragorn" Lurtz: OK that's IT!! I'll fuck you up!! "head flies away..........."
Tom Cross
lurtz. lived for barely a week yet was the strongest, smartest and largest uruk to ever live. to kill the stronger of denethor's two sons and gondor's best warrior and then to almost outmuscle, outwit and kill the 76 year old experienced dunedain warrior aragorn, who is twice as strong as any other normal human and almost as strong as an elf, truly is an impressive feat for a mere fresh orc hybrid from isengard to manage. had lurtz survived, he would have gone on to serve in an advanced position in saruman's army, possibly defecting to sauron. all i know is, ugluk, gothmog, murgash, guritz, shagrat, gorbag, grishnakh, don't hold a light to lurtz. those are the only other badass orc bosses apart from bolg and azog of the hobbit series.
Chris Houghton
Tom Cross I agree. And to be honest if all uruks were as powerful as lurtz then helms deep would have been taken in a heart beat
What a warrior boromir was, fought right to his last breath, regardless of being stuck with 3 shafts, even though he was seduced by the power of the ring earlier, he was a fine warrior
Icy Cold Hands
Everytime I watched this scene I scream "BOROMIRRRRR"!. Then, I play Battle For Middle Earth and save him
Clark Kent
Lurtz = the Joffrey of Middle Earth 
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Captain Ginyu of the Ginyu Force
+TheSpecialwarrior I had a quick debate with a friend ages back...and we agreed, Lurtz would kick his ass. I still want to see the fight though. :)
+Alexano Boanerger lurtz Beats his ass
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