Space Shuttle Launch: Viewed From an Airplane





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Published on Feb 24, 2011

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Flying from Orlando, FL I had the rare opportunity to be able to watch Discovery's final launch as it embarks on STS-133.

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This view of the final shuttle launch is absolutely breathtaking... Thank you for sharing it all with us! :D
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Dave Chapman
+Jamie undead - An hour? Is that all that's needed to become an idiot these days? Or is that simply the time it takes to watch some slickly produced video on YT full of conjecture, half-truths, full out lies, and zero science (that makes any sense or stands up to scrutiny at least) while learning the necessary FE catchphrases of "Fake", "CGI", "NASA lies", "Government shill", etc. Why not take that hour (and a few more) and learn about observable, repeatable, measurable science, some of which can actually be found on YT if you want, that EASILY debunks everything FE if you don't shut your brain off. Read my reply to thesituashaun 4 posts above and explain (or just think about) how all the things I point out about the other planets we observe, can happen in a flat Earth scenario with a small Sun, 3000 miles overhead, that acts like a spotlight. Just how could that illuminate ANYTHING other than what it's pointed at if that is truly the case? Are the other planets in the SS fake...a NASA lie? If so, how come ancient astronomers observe them and calculate their orbits? How can the 40+ years I have in astrophysics and all the observations done at my observatory, by 100's of people, make ANY sense with this spotlight Sun? It can't, it doesn't, and it NEVER will!!
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Pilot: Hey folks a space shuttle going on the right side of the aircraft right now. People on the right side of the aircraft you can see the space shuttle, people on the left side of the aircraft you can see the people on the right side of the aircraft looking at the space shuttle.
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ROFL the pilot actually said that haha what a legend
I thought you were making a joke... The pilot actually said this though. He should have been like "...and to the people on the left side of the plane, I'm sorry."
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Adam McVeigh
"people on the right side of the aircraft will be able to see the space shuttle launch, and those sitting on the left side will probably see those on the right side looking at the space shuttle launch"
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+Willoughby Krenzteinburg He doesn't have to calm down. he makes a great point.
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First officer: "Engine 1 failure!" Captain: "Who gives a shit?"
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Derrick Kirwa
Is that you Jeb
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Suddenly, the captain flips the plane over so that the people on the other side can see.
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Carbon Gamer
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This is a legit video that I enjoyed but I had to ruin it by looking at those flat earth comments.
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I think this is a legit video but it's really hard to tell if the plain is flat or curved. in videos supporting a curved earth, the curve is clearly visible and in videos supporting a flat earth, it's clearly flat. strange
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Ayam Penyet
all this people who said "why is it arcing down, so fake" need to play kerbal space program
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I bet some idiot is saying in the comments those are chemtrails coming off of the rocket. I already saw someone saying the rocket is curving because the space program was a myth and they're crashing it into the ocean. People are so dumb these days. 
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chemtrails are actual thing , was on a plane and say one pass not giving off smoke then out of nowhere it started dumping smoke it was not natural at all.also when it is due to natural reasons it dissipates fat not leaves a cloud sorry.
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Pilot was pretty funny. "those of you on the right side of the aircraft, you can see the space shuttle. Those of you on the left side of the aircraft can probably see people on the right side of the aircraft looking at the space shuttle." This was a Southwest flight wasn't it? lol
Check Adress
Could have been a northeast flight as well :)
+phillyslasher I'd have squeezed into a seat with someone to get a view if I could have. :)
HOW; THE; FUCK; does a video like this even have a single dislike let alone 364..... what is going through their braindead heads? "Oh wow its a live! fckin spaceshuttle launch seen from an airplane with audio in decent quality, that fckin sucks despite me clicking the video knowing what it will contain; ima dislike this shit!!!!" ??? Ppl like that fckin give me cancer...
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wesley mccurtain
+Manakaiser They are idiots we truly hope will never ever breed.
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