Left 4 Dead TSA Expert Speedrun -- No Mercy -- Take 2





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Uploaded on Feb 22, 2012

Before anyone starts calling hacks, note "TSA" in the title. This is what's called a "Timescale assisted" speedrun, recorded with the use of the Source engine's host_timescale cvar. I played at 25% normal speed, so when it looks like I'm using an aimbot, I'm not. I'm just aiming in slow motion.

I got the idea for this from TheRealDJLO and Transgenic86 (DemonStrate). Links to their channels are at the bottom.

By the time the original had finished uploading I already had this run complete and edited together. My internet is less than amazing.
Original run here:

Done in five segments, obviously. From when I first gain control to when I step into the helicopter at the end is 10:55, an improvement of 2:08 from previous time of 13:04. I time each segment from when the map finishes loading to when the saferoom door is completely shut.

Segment 1:
Time 0:35, no change from 0:35

I gain control at 0:01.

At 0:03, backstepping to build momentum and running off the edge instead of jumping saves about half a second and 42 hitpoints.

I get a tiny bit stuck on the window at 0:23, costing me about half a second and making this segment the same time as the original.

Segment 2:
Time 1:34 down from 2:22

The gun spawn at 1:22 is one of two optimal locations, since I don't have to slow down or leave my path.

Misstep at 1:32 costs about two seconds.

I shoot the first few zombies at 1:38 because I need three at the same place to boost onto the catwalk.

It can be hard to catch, but the Tank spawns right in the room I enter at 1:53. Fortunately he usually leads off with a rock toss, so I have enough time to dodge him.

Segment 3:
Time 1:56 down from 2:04

At 2:45 I move to the edge of the roof so I can't be blindsided by zombies that land next to me.

3:22 shows off a hilariously bad tank spawn.

I get a little stuck at 3:39.

Source engine ladder physics at their finest at 3:54.

Once again I fail to completely clear the counter at 4:05.

Segment 4:
Time 2:48 down from 4:48

Crouch glitch at 4:11 is pure profit.

The two molotov spawns at 4:50 are extremely lucky. Most times they didn't show up.

The elevator takes 56 seconds as usual. This time I was able to get in just as the doors opened at 5:44.

Taking pills at 6:30 didn't turn out to be necessary, but I wasn't taking any chances. One hit could send me below 40 hitpoints, which would ruin my walking speed.

Segment 5:
Time 3:59 down from 4:14

At 6:58 I use the door once before grabbing health and ammo. Since using it again before the crossbar hits the ground doesn't do anything, it's essentially a small window of free time.

I have no idea how my shot at 7:11 didn't startle the witch. The only thing I can think of is that the vent cover soaked up all the shot.

At 7:19 I have to turn in the middle of climbing so I don't slide off the ladder.

The last tank despawns at 10:38. The music takes a few extra seconds to fade out, so Zoey's audio cue is the more accurate indicator.

At 10:56 I step into the helicopter and the clock stops.



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