A Word To Rioting Muslims





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Published on Sep 20, 2012

We don't care if you're offended, and we never will. Get used to it.

US warns citizens not to travel to Pakistan

Al-Qaeda threatens attacks on US diplomats

US ambassador and three staff killed in film protest

Fatwa issued against "Innocence of Muslims" film producer

Turkish PM thinks Islamophobia is a crime against humanity

Pakistan calls in the army to control riot at US embassy

Pakistan declares holiday in response to prophet film

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Comments • 38,782

Samir Mashghoul
Dear Mr. Pat, 3 or 4 yrs ago, I used to hate u so much, but ur videos were one of the reasons of my change. Even though they made me initially angry, but they helped me to think from a different perspective. I am now an ex-Muslim. Please keep on your daring courageous way of saying the truth and logic. 
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steve p
muslims are a disease
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Classical Music11
Imagine there's no Islam It's easy if we try No more beheadings stop letting innocents die Imagine all the people telling the truth today Allahhh, ahhh Imagine no Muhammad it isn't hard to do No more primitive hatred and no misogyny too Imagine all the gay people living free from Sharia tyranny yoohoo, ohhh You may say I'm a racist but I know it's not the case I hope some day you will realise  that Islam is not a race Imagine no Qu'ran I wonder if we can No need for anti-Semitism Wake up and stop Islam's plan Imagine all the women treated as equal beings yoohoo, ohh You may say it's cultural difference but you're not fooling anyone I hope some day you will realise and the world will heal as one
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Miles Jolly
love it!
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Connie Craig
The Koran is poison
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Victor Vic
+Connie Craig NO NO NO! Koran is not poison. Koran is bullshit.
Lukas I.V Staline
Koran isn't poison, because Islam is the poison ! Unfortunately !!
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I am an ex-Muslim woman and I totally agree with you. I was born in Europe, from European parents and I happened to be born in a Muslim family just because Europe decided to close their eyes in front of what was happening and let the "angry Muslims" spread their bullshit all over Europe.
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I'd kick it all the way to the ocean....then some,,,until it sank
+MovvEE Scarface Can we meet up? You've been talking shit.
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Elle Morgan
I like this guy. He can speak for me any day. He's absolutely right about Islam. It's a snivelling, unedifying piece of claptrap. And i for one am sick of it.
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Friendly Faucet
oh my god... >.< i think i lost IQ points just reading what this person said and i was already dumb >.<... i can tell what his next comment is going be... stfu i rape your mother! i am better then you because magic man in sky said soo!... haha and they wonder why no one likes them....
Proud to be White
+cakraft24 Brits are pussies but you have to blame King George and the fat queen for that. The Arabs in Europe don't own guns yet they're doing a great job by invading Europe. I also believe men with bare hands are better than fighting like pussies with guns and trying to endanger other lives. Gun fights leads to more punishments by law than fist fight.
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Religion Of Peace
Pat Condell for President!!!!!
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Prashanth Budihal
*Defence minister
+mapache75 Well, President of the WHOLE WORLD!!! ...MANY places outside GB have PROVED that they are Fucking RETARDS and MUST be INVADED + RULED by OTHERS!!! ...as for Islamic BABOONS who THINK that Sharia Law should be imposed in England? - EVERY ENGLISHMAN SHOULD (and soon fucking Will) OWN one!!!
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This man ( Pat Condell) has more testicular force than a dozen muslims! Shame we only have few Pat Condell´s in our modern society....  :(
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H.A. Treesong
+astraloger Typical ignorant response from another islamic zealot. Fetid fools like you are a cancer in Western society. Racists like you should be deported back to whatever islamic hellhole you crept out of. Why don't vermin like you, put your money where your mouth is, have the courage of your convictions and go and join your murderous pals in ISIS instead of sponging off honest taxpayers. Crazed fanatics like you are a disgrace to all humankind...GO AND DON'T COME BACK.
Online Predator
+Viggo Stokholm I thought it meant God is great.
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This video is simply perfect. In my opinion, Islam SHOULD be outlawed in the Western world at least (ideally everywhere, but at least in our own countries), and being a practising Muslim should get people imprisoned until they renounce it (have them burn a Qur'an in front of you as proof that they have renounced it), because as this video rightly states; the civilized world has had more than enough of putting up with Pisslam. In fact, even some developing countries have had enough of it (such as Myanmar/Burma.) When even people who can't figure out how to build standard toilets realize that your religion is vile, you have done something seriously wrong. Not to mention, so many lives would be saved by getting everyone to renounce Pisslam. There would be no more wide-scale terror attacks, no more honor killings, no more wide-scale child marriages, and most importantly, no more wars in the Middle East. Without Pisslam, Middle Eastern countries would be far more civilized, could make peace with Israel and Western countries, and millions of people would stop dying in wars that never needed to happen. The question is, how can we make this happen? 
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Edward D. Wood Jr.
You do realize that most Muslims born in the West are just normal, everyday citizens that just happen to wear a hijab, right? What you are describing here sounds like classic totalitarianism, and it's honestly not much better than what Middle Eastern Islamic countries do. It's immigrants that come from those said parts of the world we need to be mindful of, not just anyone that wears a hijab or attends a mosque. Ultimately, what Islam really needs is a reformation, as it'll probably never go away for good.
the hope
+Marvin Zelaya You are obviously muslim, don't be ashamed of it, you can still abandon it.
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