Auslly | Jendall - Picture It - Episode 06 - (Ketchup mess)





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Published on Jun 5, 2012

I found out that I love Avril Lavigne. I listened to her Album "Goodbye Lullaby" today twice, and her album from 2004 once.
Song of the day: Push by Avril Lavigne.
I love that song! The lyrics are beautiful and I ( especially ) love the chorus. I'm actually listening to that song right now.

Austin: Oh my god! I thought you were Ally!

The person was James, with a confused look on his face. He smiled.

James: Now that you like Ally, I can go ask Molly.

And he was gone.

Ally's POV:
The text on the door said 2J, and it was the room Dez just dissapeared in. He was running from me, trying to hide that he accidentally spilled ketchup all over me. It was meant for Trish, because she pushed him into the pool earlier, onto some guys head, who was kissing a rubber duck. Dez described the duck as "perfectly girly, and pink". I still didn't know why the boy always had ketchup with him, anyways, he was planning revenge on Trish. Apparently Trish already knew about it and ducked away just in time, using me as a shield. I chuckled, not knowing what Dez was going to do... Until he spilled ketchup all over me, responding with "Oh my god", and, "I'm so sorry Ally". I just growled and Dez began running away from me. In anger I followed him, causing people to stare at me. "Ally, are you alright?" I snapped out of it. I turned around on my boots, to look who it was. "Yes, thanks for asking." I smiled, to Buddha Bob. He nodded and pulled a key out of his left pocket. "There you go, pretty lady." By that he walked away. What was it with walking away here at the Palmwoods, and appearing out of nowhere?
End of POV

- In the Palmwoods lobby -

James: I don't think it's a good idea if I hold up signs again... Don't you think?
Carlos: (Shakes his head) No. And I'm not asking the Jennifers or seperating them.
James: Hmm... (Grabs a candy from the bowl on Bitter's desk.)
Carlos: What about Molly?
James: She's mine.
Carlos: Ally?
James: Austin- Er... Too shy.
Carlos: Lucy?
James: Sure.

It was kinda odd that they were talking about dates, since Carlos was wearing his superman outfit, calling himself: "El Hombre Del Flaming Space Rock Man". And James, wearing his "Bandana Man" outfit. Again, noone knew why they were wearing it.

Pfft, I seriously didn't know what to write... Or to do... Wich means!... I owe you guys a GOOD episode!


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