The Autistic Kid and the Student Teacher Chapter 1: Meeting the Class part 1/2





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Published on Apr 2, 2009

The Autistic Kid and The Student Teacher- Episode 1: Meeting the Class part 1/2

*NOTE: this is Joes P.O.V.*

I walked into the classroom, they looked at me weirdly, I turned to Mr. Stewart, the actual teacher. Class he started this is the student teacher I was talking about, hes gonna take over for today, Ill let you get situated he left without another word.

I looked at the class nervously, I had never actually taught a class ALONE before. They all stared at me with a watchful glare. I had to make a good impression, even though most of these kids were a few years younger than me, I was nineteen, and they were mostly 15, 16, some 17 year olds here and there. I took a deep breath Hello class I waited for their response. Hello Mr. Gray they replied in a bored tone. I smiled slightly Call me Joe, Mr. Gray sounds so old fashioned They seemed to like that and repeated their greeting Hello Joe I smiled and looked at them again, gaining more confidence as I did Okay, we are going to start introducing ourselves today YAY NO WORK! a student called out, I turned to see who it was And you are

Im Mitchel Smith He replied. Nice to meet you Mitchel I looked around the room, Lets start off with names I pointed to the girl behind the boy named Mitchel Well start with you, and work our way around the room

Okay the girl stood up Im Emily Walker She sat back down, we went around the room til we got to a girl, she had her brown hair back in a pony tail, by looks of it her hair was wavy or straight, I couldnt tell. She was wearing a pair of jeans and t-shirt, so I knew she wasnt one of those preppy popular girls. She sat there working in her notebook, either she was doodling or writing something. I cleared my throat Miss she didnt respond. I walked over and stood in front of her Miss I repeated. She looked up and me but didnt say anything. Please tell the class your name I waited for her to answer. She looked around the room, she looked scared when she saw all the eyes watching her every move. I- I- I- She started but didnt continue, she looked back down to her paper.

I knelt in front of her desk Is everything okay? A girl called out Shes shy and a retard, just skip her and get to me already god she rolled her eyes to finish her statement. I stood up and looked at her Everyone gets a chance to say their name, please be patient I turned back toward the pony tail girl Whats your name She still didnt respond, Miss Impatient called out again Her names Miley god, lets her skip, she doesnt talk to anybody I sighed and ignored her Miley, want me to skip you She nodded and I continued with the names. I pointed to a girl with dark hair pulled back in a tight pony Your turn Miss Impatient interrupted again Im Selena Russo, most popular girl in school, captain of the cheerleading squad, best- I cut her off Miss Russo I wasnt speaking to you, wait your turn like everybody else She sat in her seat silent but sulking, I turned back to the black haired girl Your name is?

Im Demi Johnson she stated and waited for me to go on to the next person. I continued with names and we started work, more specifically math. I wrote a problem on the board. Copy and solve this problem in your notebooks please They all did, when everyone had finished writing I looked at them. Raise your hand if you know the answer Pretty much everyone had, I looked at Miley, she sunk in her seat Miley do you know the answer? She shook her head. The bell rang for lunch, even though this was high school, it was like elementary school, I, well the teachers, taught all the classes, math, science, language arts, history, gym, everything except electives.

The class filed out and I started shuffling papers, I looked up and noticed someone still sitting in their seat, it was Miley. I walked over Are you going to go get lunch She shook her head Why not? I asked curiously. She didnt respond, Well, youre welcome to wait here for everyone else to get back She nodded thankfully and I went back to shuffling papers. I finished and sat at my desk and opened my lunch. Miley was doodling or something in her notebook.

The class came back in from lunch and sat in there seats. I threw the trash away and looked at them. Okay I looked at my paper Science There were a few groans but I ignored them. I passed out materials and explained the instructions Okay, partners They all sat up in there seats Since this is my first day here Im going to allow you to pick partners, if work doesnt get done I wont let you pick anymore They all smiled and paired up. Miley sat alone. Everyone was taken and this experiment was required to have partners, I walked over and sat by her Mind if Im your partner for today She looked at me in thanks but still didnt talk. I helped her, I told her what to do in the instructions when it was partner ones turn and I did partner twos work.


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