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Published on Aug 23, 2012

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Damn Sidemen
Who came here to see it from phantom forces leave a like
J Wilson
This gun (if it is a pre 86 sample) can cost upwards of 20k plus. Now if it's a post 86 dealer only sample it would cost way less, the reason why pre 86 guns cost so much is because they are no longer being made so the market is pretty cornered. So yah maybe some of you morons should not be so quick to jump on Wikipedia for all your facts about a gun.
Jackson Rice is right. there is no way a MP5K is 30k. A gun that IS 30k is the M249.
Jackson Rice
This proves you know NOTHING about guns clearly you can see later in the video that he loads the gun when he put his hand accadently infront of the muzzle the was no way the gun could have fired because the slide was still up not in a loaded posittion,I bet you have never even fired a gun and only post stuff like this on the internet because you want to bring others down to make your self look smart in real life you wouldent say this because you only tough when your behind a computer
Jackson Rice
Relly your calling him a loser when you take what 15 maybe 20 minutes of your day to swear and cuss at him and your calling him a loser well a loser is someone who wastes his life (you) im not wasteing mine im defending a pretty cool dude that has the best intentions for all his veiwers the people that watched this video arnt wasteing there time becaused they enjoyed it the only people that wasted there time was you and all the other jerks that hate on this dude.
Jackson Rice
what a retard to think that freaking mp5 is 30 thousand dollors if that was true a couple of thing would be happening 1 the ar-15 a much higher quality gun is less the 2000 a fricken 14 carrot golden desert eagle is 1000 dollors 2 in no way would any millitary use that gun if it was 30 thousand (ive checked 67 countrys that mp5 k is stander issue and NOOOOO civilan would buy it so before you start running your mouth check the facts
*FACE PALM* There are a whole Generation of People who believe things about Small Arms because "I pla'd Vidya Gaem"....Everytime someone references something like Battlefield or CoD modern Warfare in a video like this it's cringeworth in the extreme. It's like saying I know something of Material Physics because I played Half-Life. Or I watched Gladiator so I now know all about the Imperial Roman Period. It makes you look stupid.
Guns And Gear
It's $25 dollars for a machine gun and then you buy ammo, but we do not have an HK416.
Josh Asarnow
I think me and my dad will hed over to your store on friday. Is it $25 to rent the hk 416 and then we have to buy ammo or is it $25 a mag for the gun?
Guns And Gear
If you want to see more videos from this store, it's on our channel. We own this gun range.
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