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Published on Jun 19, 2016

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رادیکال - آلبوم رادیکال شاهین نجفی
کلام و موسیقی: شاهین نجفی
تنظیم، رکورد، میکسینگ: مجید کاظمی
Music & Lyrics - Shahin Najafi
Arrangement, Record & Mixing: Majid kazemi
Cover Art: Mostafa Heravi

The masses under coup d'état
Till the ovens get inflamed by our rage
Dad is not supposed to give out bread
Here every woman perishes for bread
Cross me out, write
Anew fellowman, every day the revolution’s ideas
From dad’s syringe
to mother’s veil
From rotten lungs
the rape of sister
From blood, from home, playing with blood
the judge satisfied with the gallows
From money, from life that’s worth pennies
the throats were chewed up in the market
It’s not my job to give you remedy
it’s ridiculous giving blood to the dead
Many perished in this path
they gave up life and paid for it
My chest is burnt like Sistan (1)
Rostam, I am pain, look at my hands (2)
It drips blood from the dream of my rage
I should turn this ash into storm
History is not far away; it will raise it high
the righteous lower class of ours
Work, will be equal to people’s share
So that bread circulates on our table
So that grief doesn’t shadow again over our head
So that our youth numbers don’t go down one by one
So that woman would be woman not a live doll
If you see a man, frame it
Margin is enough, rhyme is dead
Negater of the origin of the word; I am the immortal
The grand name
It’s me, body full of gunpowder
It’s ending inside the coffin
Voice to flutter
Neda to flutter (3)
Hoda to flutter (4)
God to perish
There Is No God But Nothing
There Is No God But Nothing
What’s your word? Are you lonely? Is everyone lost?
The main enemy of the people, is the people?!
No, we are the dead deprived people
Historically we are all convicted
From the early 80’s they killed
A booklet of Mojahedin, execution
To every single Evin’s cell
Peykar, lefty, Fedai, execution
Khordad (June) always gave out blood
Shahram, Saeid & Mousa, execution
The Tudeh party as well in the midst
Was informing on the trees to the axe
Everyday one of us is in the lockup
Our roar is named as violence
Imagine the aggressor has attacked
is it wrong to kill him in your house?
No, the Aq-Dareh mine’s kid (5)
would get flogged in public
should I choke on blood and shut my mouth?
Hurray! wishful thinking
I suck on the dry bread
so to make it wet with my blood
Curse me if one day
I sing other than this love
I am the tear of Sattar’s mother
I’m the cursed crucified on the gallows
In your superstitious eyes, I’m a thorn
I am Shahin of the freemen
I poured the sullen sand of Khavaran (6)
into my eyes so that I don’t forget
I haven’t jumped over any wall
instead of hoping for the key, I built window
The larynx is burning from pain
My brain is the labourer’s hands
These hands one day will make you pay
1 - Sistan: known in ancient times as Sakastan is a historical and geographical region in present-day eastern Iran
2 - Rostam: is the epic hero of the Persian epic Shahnameh in Persian mythology
3 - Neda: Footage of the death of Neda Agha-Soltan drew international attention after she was shot dead during the 2009 Iranian election protests.
4 - Hoda: Hoda Rezazadeh Saber was an Iranian intellectual, economic scholar, journalist and social-political activist. He died while on a hunger strike in prison.
5 - Aq-Dareh: In May 2016 Iranian authorities flogged 17 men who had protested the loss of their jobs at the Aq-Dareh Gold Mine in Western Azerbaijan Province, north-west Iran.
6 – Khavaran: The 1988 (1367 Solar Hijri) mass executions of political prisoners and their grave site Khavaran.



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