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Published on Oct 25, 2011

It Gets Better
Please read this...


Song: Never Too Late
Artist: Three Days Grace

woah there are a lot...

♥Santana (Lesbian) ~ Glee
♥Britanny (Bi-curious) ~ Glee
♥Kurt (Gay) ~ Glee
♥...can't think of his name right now... I'll get back to you... (Gay) ~ Fame
♥... (Gay) ~ Cyberbully (which is an awsome movie that you need to watch!)
♥Adam Lambert (Gay)
♥Riley (Gay) ~ Degrassi
♥Zane (Gay) ~ Degrassi
♥Karofsky (Gay - in the closet to most people) ~ Glee
♥Max (Bisexual) ~ Make It Or Break It
♥Emily (Lesbain...ish... it depends on if we're talking about the show or books) ~ Pretty Little Liars
♥Frank (no one's really sure...) ~ Stick It
♥Thirteen (Bisexual) ~ House
♥Adam (formerly Gracie) (Female to Male Transgender) ~ Degrassi
♥unnamed male to female transgender ~ Beautiful by Christina Aguilera
♥unnamed gay couple ~ Beautiful by Christina Aguilera
♥ Chris Colfer (Gay)
♥Blaine (Gay) ~ Glee
♥Marco (Gay) ~ Degrassi
♥Neil Patrick Harris (Gay)
♥Kathy Griffin
♥unnamed male to female transgender ~ It Gets Better by Todrick Hall
♥Ellen (Lesbain)
♥Paul (Gay) ~ It Gets Better by Todrick Hall

It Gets Better. It's never too late.
No one deserves to be bullied. If you or someone you know is being bullied, tell an adult. Don't let it go. You never know what someone's going through or how much they can take.
This week (last week really,) is Ally Week. Be an ally for LGBT youth. Stand up for victims of anti-LGBT bullying.

Please do not leave any mean comments. No hate. This is a safe space.
Comment on your experiences with bullying.
Comment on your coming out story.
Leave a video response.
Send this to a friend.
Share it at your GSA.
Be an Ally.
Be The Change.

Did you read all of this?
Do you participate in a GSA?
How are you celebrating Ally Week?
What are your experiences with anti-LGBT bullying?
Should I make another (better) ally/LGBT video? What song/fandoms?


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