FL59 AMU Part 1 - The Offensive Driving





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Published on Jul 12, 2011

Part 1 shows the driving offences.
Part 2 shows where I find a Police Officer up ahead, a number of cyclist witnesses stop and we wait for the driver to catch up, so that we can all discuss what happened.

Cycling through a section where it is common for drivers to attempt a late pass, cutting in before a pedestrian island I ride far into the lane in an effort to deter this type of driving. This driver however came about as close as you can get without actually hitting a cyclist then brake tested me for good measure.

When I pulled up alongside him moments later at the next set of lights and explained how I had him on video and that I planned to report him, he explained that he would do it again. We both set off and due to traffic lights and traffic volume our pace is about the same. Noticing a van parked in the bus lane I move into lane 2 early which leads to our driver carrying out his promise to drive into me again, clipping my bar-end with his mirror. He now claims I've damaged his mirror. Realising perhaps that he is being filmed by my helmet cam, he produces a hand-held mobile phone and videos me, completely taking his eyes off the road. He wants me to stop so that he can call the police to come and sort out this "damaged" mirror and continues to swerve and brake test, ignoring all other road users as we proceed over the Bow Flyover.

Leaving him stuck in traffic briefly I happen across a Police Officer and seek his assistance. He instructs me to pull over and while I'm briefing him on what happened, a number of cyclists pull up explaining that they saw how this driver was behaving and offering their services as witnesses. We all identify the Smart car driver to the Officer and the driver parks up and walks over to explain his side of events.

During the discussion, we exchange details however the driver is still insisting that his mirror has been damaged and that it was me who hit him, not the other way around. Anxious that I've given false information the driver wants to know if I can produce any ID, which of course I can but the Police Officer says that I've no need to. Suggesting that we go and inspect the "damaged" mirror in return for me showing my ID, the driver immediately backs down, taking all of the recorded details from the Police Officer and tearing them up. Worried that he might simply throw litter into the street I suggest that he place the rubbish in the waste bin nearby, which of course, he was going to do. The Police Officer, sensing everything is now over leaves the scene.

However, the driver is still insisting that he is in the right, I am in the wrong and to prove his point informs me that there are "new regulations" coming out for cyclists, suggesting that I should "wait and see" what they might be. During this part of the conversation, he has wandered into the road again, not realising there is a Terrorvision coach bearing down on him. Warning him of the impending danger, I usher him back onto the pavement for his own safety. At this point I've pretty much had enough and even though he carries on, I simply wish him goodbye and eventually he gets the message.


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