Bring On The Comets .:. Part 1.2 |From Kindergarten to Grade School| [MM 1/4]





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Published on Apr 6, 2011


The Kindergarten classmates all looked at each other after their class picture was taken, giggling at the photographer whose hair stuck up in different directions. Demi, Miley, and Nick laughed together as they stopped making their goofy faces for the camera. Although knowing that they would get in a little trouble with their moms, they dared to be silly.

"I wonder how that picture turned out. . ." Miley inquires as she twirls a lock of her brown, shoulder-length wavy hair.

"We looked funny." Nick stated proudly, puffing his chest out as Demi laughed and nodded. The children started to file across the chairs and down the steps back to their classroom. The trio placed their hands behind their backs and walked in a straight line along with their class.

Demi stopped the other two kids before they went into the classroom, whispering, "Let's go to the big kid hallway. . ." One hallway at their school separated all of the middle school students from the elementary school students.

"I don't think we should. . ." Miley sheepishly whimpered as she looked into their classroom, seeing the students all sitting down for circle time.

"Come on Smiley. . ." Nick persuaded, pouting his bottom lip. "It'll be fun. . .and I've never been there before. . ." he added to his persuasion as he held his small hand out for her to take.

Miley looked down at her feet and put her hand in his, mumbling, "Okay. . ." Her hand was pulled and the three were off, running through the halls of classrooms. "We're gonna get in trouble!" Miley whispered sacredly, "I don't want my mom to get really mad at me. . ." They slowed down to a walk as they neared the seemingly dark and dreary hallway, causing her to swallow hard as they stood in front of it.

Nick held Miley's hand as Demi stood in front of them. They stepped forward slowly and quietly, beginning to walk down the halls. As they walked they peeked into classrooms of fifth through eighth graders, all of them sitting in their bleak classrooms hunched over their desks. Miley's eyes widened as she watched them, looking as if they, the middle school students, were robots.

Suddenly, as if on cue, the students all turned their heads towards the doors, looking at the three kindergarteners. "Run." Demi whispered as they all turn and start running, causing the middle school students to all look back down at their tests. Little did the three small children know, the middle schoolers were in fact taking their midterms. Demi, Nick, and Miley arrived back into the classroom silently and sat down just as the teacher finished reading the book to the class, not knowing that the three little delinquents had been out.

- -

"Yay!" Miley yelled as she opened up her Christmas present, a pack of Polly Pocket dolls. "Thank you auntie Carla!" she said with a smile as she looked up at the mother of her best friend.

"Well, Nick said you would want it." Carla said with a shrug as Nick's face turned slightly red at being caught looking at girl toys.

"Nu-uh mom! You found it, not me!" he countered with a pout as he crossed his arms. "I wasn't looking at girl toys. . ." he mumbled.

Miley giggled as she walked over to him and gave her a hug, "Thank you Nicky. . ." She pulled away and gave him a kiss on the cheek, making the parents 'awe' but causing him to rub his cheek profusely and yell about cooties. "But cooties aren't real Nick!" she said while putting her hands on her hips, she could be a spunky child sometimes.

"Yeah they are. I saw them in a doctor's book once." Nick said while nodding his head rapidly.

"But we can't even read yet!" Miley said confusedly as she raised an eyebrow at him, tilting her head to the side. The adults laughed as Nick pouted once again.

- - - - -
To be continued...

- p.s. I plan on finishing this story today :/


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