Goku Vs Superman Part 2/5





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Published on Apr 29, 2011

Watch Goku and Superman showdown in the second epic installment. With amazing music by Scot Morgan and fantastic visuals, it is not one to be missed.


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Lmao, superman easily wrecks Goku. Hey creator guy, superman can lift 200 quintillion tons. That should be enough, shouldn't it?
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Son .Goku
this battle in my opinion will never have a conclusion since their is extreme bias for both sides. all i know is if these two fought it would be one hell of a fight. personally i'd like goku to win but their power is quite identical. so in the end it'd be a draw. none of these characters destroys the other.
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Mark Peters
I don't see why Goku needs to go to Super Saiyan or above to beat a Superman when he is as strong as him in base form. His powers would multiply for beyond Superman after the first Transformation.
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I love how people are under the impression that Superman has no power if he is not in direct contact with sun light.  Just for the record Superman STORES the yellow sun light.  He does not instantly lose his powers the moment the sun light goes away.  He can keep fighting for extended periods of time under no sun light at all.
Nope.  If Raditz was faster than the speed of light (670k mph) than Goku never would have been able to catch him during the saiyen saga, since at top speed (when traveling across snake way) he was going 6.8k mph to cross about 190k miles in 28 hours. In contrast Superman once traveled to Alpha Centari and back to pick flowers for miss Lane before she could even finish her sentence.  So in 20 seconds he traveled 8.7 light years which is about 92,417,072,400,000,000 mph or 137,809,097 times the speed of light. http://www.screwattack.com/news/final-analysis-superman-and-goku-w-power-levels has all the other reasons why Goku is even in the same league as Superman... I'm not a Superman fan and instead I grew up with DBZ.  I have every reason to root for Goku; but there is seriously no competition.
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Goku < Superman SSJGoku < Superman SSJ2Goku = Superman SSJ3Goku > Superman Goku at his best is stronger than Superman.
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Kaka Carrot Cake Would Win Because He Is Real Super Sand :)
Ebola Cola
Part 3 is coming soon guys!
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Kyousuke Bakuretsu
how do you animate?
Crippling Deppression
Pfff...at least goku has a storyline than that weak moron called superman....More Like SuperCrap BTW let's see supercrap defeating Kid Buu...ohh goku gained his powers by training.SuperCrap just got super powers because of a sun!!!! Come on how lame is that I made a hero!!!His name is ManureMan!He gains power from SHIT
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