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Published on Jul 5, 2013

5 years ago I released Goku vs. Evil Goku, an idea I've had for for close to 12 years. Now, the confrontation between these two titans can come to a close with nothing left on the table.

Goku vs.Evil Goku IV picks up where the end of DBGT and Evil Goku: Battle for Other World leaves off. Evil Goku has gathered the Dragonballs in his universe and has summoned the Eternal Dragon to bring Goku from his universe to settle the score once and for all.

Two Super Saiyan 4's duke'n it out in realm unaffected by the laws of the universe. That was the issue as seen in Goku vs. Evil Goku III. Because both Goku's were never meant to encounter each other, the power emitting from each one would break the barriers between universes and they would instantaneously move from one universe to another. Until now.

The Evil Goku has used three wishes as seen in Evil Goku: Battle for Otherworld. First, he wished for a realm to be created that was beyond all other universes so nothing could effect his battle with Goku. Second, he wished for the ability to travel to this realm as he so pleases. Lastly, the Evil Goku wished for Goku to be brought from his universe to the Evil Goku's universe; a wish that was not an easy one to grant.

Evil Goku is now armed with the Kaio Ken attack as well as the Spirit Bomb. Two techniques he was unfamiliar with until he encountered Goku. He is still dead, (killed himself in GVEG2) and potentially has an unlimited supply of power (due to him being dead).

Goku, still a child, was last scene riding on the back of Shenron. Where ever he ended up with Shenron he has now been taken from that place and thrown in the Evil Goku's universe.

It's been a long road with this animation. I started pre-production in Summer 2012 and went into production on the animation in September 2012. I had written out a lot of different scenarios in the script of how I wanted the story of both Goku and Evil Goku to end and what I wanted to have happen.

The whole point of the Goku vs. Evil Goku series is that good and evil are always in check and one is not truly dominate over the other. Good may always triumph over evil but theirs always another evil to rise to challenge good. Or in the Evil Gokus universe its reversed. Evil is always dominate and good will always challenge evil and be defeated. So what happens when you put good against evil in a place where there are no universal laws, no higher beings (Kai's/Gods), and nothing to interfere with the struggle? Who is more dominant? Good or Evil? Before I answer that I'll explain a few things about the powers from each Goku.

In this animation, and at the end of DBGT, Goku is not dead. So while he's fighting Evil Goku he is still vonurable to being killed. With that said, his power is limited until he dies. Once Goku is dead his power would get refreshed, or reset. Almost like eating a sensu bean only now that he's dead he can gather, consume, and retain more power. His body isn't limited any more. That's one reason why in GVEG2 he was able to easily beat Evil Goku (untill Evil Goku killed himself and achieved Super Saiyan 3). That's also why in the DBZ series Goku could go Super Saiyan 3 and retain more power easier when he was dead and not when he was alive. He made a reference to Vegeta about it when fighting Kid Buu.

Evil Goku is still dead. Therefor he is able to gather and retain more power then Goku can. So in this animation I wanted to show that Evil Goku was more powerful then Goku and that it would take Goku getting killed to realize that he would then stand a chance against Evil Goku.

So to answer that original question, who is more dominant good or evil? Now that both Goku and Evil Goku are dead, in essence, they potentially have unlimited power. Evil Goku wins the fight in this animation however the battle will never end. It's everlasting for two reasons. One, Goku and Evil Goku are dead and have the ability to retain and gather more power then they could when they were alive. Second, evil and good are now placed in a realm where one is not dominant over the other.

One Big difference between my animations and a lot of other animations is that I tend to focus on the story to develop a "movie style" approach. So when you sit down and watch this thing, it's like popping in an episode of DBZ.

The Supreme Kais voice is the same voice I used for Human Torch in SuperHero Muggs on my other YouTube Channel. Hinting at the possibly of a SuperHero Muggs movie. Two bonus scenes are included at the end of this animation. I actually put one of them in at the very last minute.


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