Dan Savage: The Worst Advice Ever Given





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Published on Jun 2, 2011


There's a lot of bad advice that tells teens to come out regardless of their family situation. "Not everyone is in a position where that it wise or safe," he says.

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Well isn't that just like Dan Savage. He's rational and kind for three minutes before becoming a judgmental, unlikable shit.
Bode Lang
Here's all you need to know about this person: "...And as the group of people who cry the most about bullying, they're also the biggest hypocrites. Take Dan Savage, a gay sex columnist who also runs the IT Gets Better Protect children, particularly gay or lesbian or transgender teens from bullying. The problem though, is Dan Savage is the worlds most egregious bully. If you Google Rick Santorum's name, you'll find a disgusting definition of lube and fecal matter coined by Savage and Google bombed it. Savage also appeared on Bill Maher stating he wanted to “fuck the shit out of him” about Santorum. That would probably violate the It Gets Better pledge. Back in 2000, Savage was hired by Salon.com to infiltrate the Gary Bauer presidential campaign. He became so frustrated with Bauer's religiosity that after contracting the flu, he decided to go around the office licking doorknobs in order to infect the other staffers. He even handed Bauer a saliva-coated pen, hoping to infect him with the flu. He then proceeded to vote in the Iowa caucuses although he wasn't registered in the state. This isn't bullying, it's biological warfare. When Herman Cain a republican presidential nominee stated that he thought homosexuality was a choice, Savage responded telling Cain to “show us how a man can choose to be gay. Suck my dick, Herman”. Savage also coined the term “Saddle-backing” in order to target a pro-proposition 8 pastor Rick Warren and his Saddleback church. He defined the term as Christian teens engaging in unprotected anal sex to preserve their virginity. Savage said that Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Carl Romanelli from Pennsylvania “should be dragged behind a pickup truck until there's nothing left but the rope”. In 2011, Savage said on Bill Maher “I wish the Republicans were all fucking dead” This is the founder of a project Obama chooses to honor with a leadership role on the bullying problem. Savage visited the White House in 2011. Gay bullies are allowed to run over every decent standard of behavior. And the White House will lend its blessing" http://www.amazon.com/Bullies-Culture-Intimidation-Silences-Americans/dp/1476710007
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Only The Best 10 Minute Loops
Wow his teeth are fucking brown-green.
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John Smith
Its worth repeating: 40% of homeless teenagers were thrown out of the house. Unless we are willing as a community to take financial responsibility for these teenagers, we can't just tell them to come out.
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I had never really heard of this guy until I was just watching a clip from Bill Mahar and googled him to watch a couple YouTube's. He seems to consistently think that whats right for him is right for everybody, which is about the most destructive phenomenon you can contribute to in society IMO. Some of the dumbest things I've heard from this guy in the 5 minutes I've watched. What an ahole!
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Guy sounds right and pragmatic. Being a teenager means two things. First: You're incapacitated by the law and financially dependent on your parents. Therefore you don't really have the right and enough freedom to fully express yourself. Second: You're being forced to spend more than 6 hours, 5 days per week, amongst the most aggressive, vicious and arrogant part of the society commonly known as teenagers. You certainly do not want to appear even slightly different when around those 'people'. So the wisest solution would be to wait a little longer, to avoid bigger and unavoidable harm on your body and psyche. It's usually refered as "damage control".
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Getting his mother to yell at that kid's mother? Fucking genius, I love this guy!
Valerie Nagy
I find Dan Savage to be extremely intelligent and entertaining. If you don't agree with his advice or his opinions, move on. I've read many of his columns and listened to many videos of him that have been posted on YouTube and I strongly doubt that he believes that everyone thinks like him or should think like him. If you don't find him entertaining or helpful, look elsewhere. Why take the time to criticize when you could use that time to find whatever it is you're looking for?
dan savage, doing both good and bad for the lgbt
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Can't help but to laugh on this one, even though it's absolutely horrible lol. Poor guy.
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