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Published on Sep 28, 2010


Dr. Maupin: I'm Dr. Kathy Maupin, Founder and Medical Director of BioBalance Health I'm here with Diana Vasquez to talk about BioBalance Pellets. I asked her to come and share her experiences with us. Diana, thank you for coming. I saw you in the office just a week ago and you were so changed and so different, but in a good way, obviously. I just had to have you share your story. You came to me with migraines, fibromyalgia, pain, and you had no energy you were fatigued, your libido was down. You were miserable. When you came back you were smiling and laughing and excited about being alive and enjoying your life much more. You're on your way down with your weight, which is awesome. Tell me what your life was like outside of my office before we started treatment.

Diana Vasquez: Before, I would go to work, come home at 5 or 6 o'clock and just want to go straight to bed. I was very tired, I had no motivation, not interested in anything but getting a good night's sleep. Once I did get to sleep I'd wake up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep for several hours, not motivated for too much.

Dr. Maupin: If you don't sleep at night, most people without testosterone, which is what your issue was, don't sleep because they don't get into the forth stage of sleep. If they get one, two, three and they wake up, and if they can get back into one, great, but they don't feel rested. But that's what you were explaining to me, that you just didn't feel rested even though you slept. Can you describe how the changes went. Generally they're not immediate, it takes a month to get better.

Diana Vasquez: For me it took a couple of weeks. I started noticing first the energy level. I didn't know who this person was that was so energetic after work, wanting to do activities out in the yard, swim in the pool, things I normally couldn't do before the pellets.

Dr. Maupin: Very good. So your life became more complete. How was your relationship with your boyfriend? Did it improve. Did you get along better?

Diana Vasquez: Oh yes. Right away. We moved into a more active love-making world. Before, it was nothing for some time. So that made a big change. He wants to thank you.

Dr. Maupin: I love that. I'm glad he's happy. I'm glad you're happy. You're smiling now. Your skin looks awesome, too. It looks like you have better blood flow. Do you feel like people walk up to you and tell you how great you look?

Diana Vasquez: They notice the difference in me. I walked around not energetic. I feel better all the way around.

Dr. Maupin: Has family noticed?

Diana Vasquez: My best friend is my sister. She definitely has noticed.

Dr. Maupin: Is she younger?

Diana Vasquez: Yes.

Dr. Maupin: OK, so she'll see us soon. You're not even 50 yet, and all the things that you've had to go through, even the anxiety is one of the things I forgot to mention, you said was quite bad before the pellets but has been wiped away at this point. That's something most people don't know about because anxiety is from FSH going up and surging and some people feel it is a hot flash, some people feel it as an anxiety attack. We discussed that when we got the FSH to drop by giving you hormones that the anxiety attacks didn't happen quite so much or at all because the surges weren't happening. That was successful. We often see that people get to get off anxiety medicines and that's so much healthier not to be on medications like that. That's my goal for you. And your goal is to continue to stay well and to have a great relationship, and be active and enjoy your pool and all the things you have instead of just going to work. Is there anything else you'd like to tell people wondering if they should try this and just aren't believing we didn't just hire you to come in here and talk?

Diana Vasquez: I was referred by a friend of mine. Anyone that could tell me that I could go somewhere and have the pellet insertion done and make me feel the way I feel now, I wish I would have done this years ago.

Dr. Maupin: Well I'm glad you're doing it now.


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