Double Life A Jacob Latimore And Jaden Smith Story Chapter 7





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Published on Aug 21, 2012


In the countselors office

Con (conuntselor): Okay what's wrong with you too?


Jaden: Aj -(gco)

Aj: Shut up!

Con: Jaden..

Jaden: -exhales- Okay well..........i cheated on Aj

Con: oh so this is an out of school problem

Jaden: well kinda

Con: do you still want to talk about it?

Aj: no!

Jaden: Yes

Con: okay tell me what happened Jaden

Jaden: -looks at Aj..exhales..looks at Con- okay well me and Aj have been going out for about a year and a half

Aj: WERE...We are not going out anymore!

Jaden: -hurt but hides it- Were going out for about and year and a half and i uh...i slept with someone else

Aj: Any tell her who it was

Jaden: Jojo

Con: Okayy...

Jaden: Aj hates her

Aj: She's a slut!

Con: oh right..

Jaden: anyway i slept with her and Aj found out..we got into a fight and she broke up with me...anyway today i saw her flirting with this Guy

Aj: Josh -smiles-

Jaden: -_- Josh and i got mad...in class i texted her and told her too meet me by the lockers outside the bathroom so we could talk she came we talked and she said she doesnt want me back...then she left..i kicked the lockers then the principle came out and called me in his office

Aj: when i went back to class the class was staring at me and i shouted a few bad words at them then the Miss.Cross sent me to the principle and the principle sent us here. THE END GREAT STORY RIGHT? Can i leave now?

Con: wow....and no you cant

Aj: ergg

Con: Okay Aj i know you dojnt like talking about your feelings...i get it..just...tell me how you feel...please...

Aj: -looking away..tears fall...silently-

Con: Aj...

Aj: -looks at her-

Con: -slight smile- You gonna talk

Aj: -shakes head...looks down-

Jaden: -feels terrible-

Con: Jaden can you step out the room

Jaden: -nods..stands outside door-

Con: come on Aj...just you and me

Aj:...........he..he broken my heart.....i didnt everything for him..he took my virginity you know...and...i.....i love him.....-looks down and cries silentley-

Con: it's okay Aj...

Aj: no...it's not...-wipes tears-...can i leave

Con: no...you need to listen to Jaden


Con: i know..but..you love him right?


Con: then listen

Aj: -looks away- ..............Fine

Con: JADEN! Come in

Jaden: -walks in and see's Aj's Crying- Aj

Aj: Yes

Jaden: I'm so sorry....Please Aj.....I Love You

Aj: -Cries hard-

Jaden: -hugs her tight-

Aj: -cries in his arms- I Hate you

Jaden: I Love you too

Con: aww

Aj and Jaden: -look at her-

Con: sorry

Aj: -still crying- Please dont cheat on me again

Jaden: i wont i promise

Aj: how do i know your not lying

Jaden: i Promise -pulls put this: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=56... -

Aj: -cover mouth- Jaden..

Jaden: Aj..Please...I Promise..

Aj: -nods-

Jaden: -kisses her-

Aj: -kisses back-

Con: -crying- Omg this is so...SO ROMANTIC!

Aj: -pulls away laughing-

Jaden: -laughing..puts ring on her finger- I Love You Aj

Aj: I Love You Too




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