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Uploaded on Apr 1, 2011

she sings her ROOTS ARE SICK and asked why
E-BULL enters and gives an introduction of Emo who receives a proposal from Captain Maru to board Her vessel "The War Sheeple" and join its crew "The Air Gathers" The first mate "BOOT SHAKE" asks if she make basket? as in the crows nest at the top Mast of the ship. making her far from the other crew marooned and IF I ADD BATE? Bate is the contract mast..bate. Then Maru speaks of their vessel The WAR-SHEEPLE as in Worship and points out that she LISTEN BUT LANCE (a ship about to sink called Listing and the MAST is long like a Lance but also a lance is a type of cutting to the skin to prevent blistering. ADD A SACK cries WAR STONED he warns of the bate called it ass and WAR THEME O BRUTES which is the bait n cut licked then loved by the crew. she cries THEY GOT ME REMOTE as on a island OAF THE SHIP AND OP-AH she celelebrates the idea of a contract without the ship the OATH but with one of the Crew called DIDDY as her Haunter. They warn her she will be Marooned if she does not join the crew. OH HE'S A HAUNTER as in a ghost and she will still have control. BOOT SHAKE adds PUSS IN THAT as in puss in boots. NASH NIGHTS THAT ALL WAS CUSSING UP look up (Nash Equilibrium) you will see she is asking about the dilemma of the two choices. SCHIST UP MY BUDD schist is a type of talcum sLAKES NIM NEP WHATS THE DUPE slack tide means calm water like a lake. nim as secret of nim also nim is an old english word for pilfer and nep is Neptune god of sea. Boots yells STAY. Emo asks WHATS NEXT then War Stoned tells her she is to be surrounded then enters GAGODNEE to explain the COW milking of the EMO into the ship. start with Split it then Let yourself GO are you a cow thats mad ay? dogs teeth with sucked teats HIT MY ARROW they struck her target she yells MY ROOTS HE RUINED talking about her grounding AND I LIKE GONNA RAPE SHIFTIN OVAH OHHH BE AT E as in E-bull from the beginning EMO WALK EMO on ROOT SICK she calls for help from the attack. enter E-Bull(snoop) from the beginning ACT IT OUT wants with us SCATTS YELDIN (scat is gibberish music) CLOSER to MAC off the neck Weedining Scelf(Scat self) NEW (He is the Closer) WARD TO HIDE THE DUPE he hides the truth HEAVY SHIT HEAVY DOE THE DUPE ITS WEEM (war theme) THAT BU-NURSED AND RUB THE NOBE PUSHING AT VEGAS. MAKING YAHEEM. HE GAVE ME COP DEAN steps in to help instruct Her on the (War theme) (G-self) GELF YOU STUPID THIS WOULD NOT HELP HER STILFER (helter scelter) GELF ASK ME TO SIN ITS GABNESS (gab is to speak) SAKE GELF THE SELF say the right name NATE password WHAT OVA E-Boarding SPLOT EMO he is finished Whore AND I LIKE THE GOT ME EMO COW ARD back to the milking the cow. she speaks of Diddy and a walk with him WHO IS HE ALL EVIL GOTA RAPE HER NO OATH ON WALK WAR SHIP
Rape let it in let it through HE will RULE he Plowed WHY? she askes what happened MARU answers WHY EMO-ARU emo and maru together a trick a lie why WarhEEmO are ROOTSICK why HOCK EMO she was tricked by DIDDY who pawned her off to MARU

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