Dying Light: The Following - Camo Hussar, S5, and Cyber Girl Paint Jobs Locations





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Published on Feb 13, 2016

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The first official expansion to a survival action game made by Polish studio Techland in 2015. The add-on is set after the events presented in the base game, and take you to the suburbs of Harran city. Playing as Kyle Crane, a character known from the original, you have to infiltrate a camp of a cult, whose members are immune to zombie bites and can use the monsters to their own means. Driven by the goal of finally getting rid of the plague, the protagonist has to undertake a series of missions to gain the trust of the locals and learn their secrets. Gameplay mechanics remain unchanged, although the add-on is set in a notably vast location (bigger than all maps from the base game combined), across which you can move around in a dune buggy. The creators also decided to give players more freedom when it comes to story-related missions.

The Following is set after the events featured in Dying Light. The player once again takes on the role of Kyle Crane, who now travels to a new location - the suburbs of Harran. Your job is to help the hero infiltrate a camp of a mysterious cult. The members of this group are immune to zombie bites and are able to use the monsters to their own purposes. Given that, they may be the key to getting rid of the plague.
Gameplay in The Following for PlayStation 4 is a little different from what you know from Dying Light. First of all, the developers wanted to give players more freedom, allowing them to choose which mission they want to do next. Another key element enabling them to do so is the new location, which is larger than all maps from the base game put together. As you play, you will often traverse open spaces, so the parkour may not always the best option, although there are many places where free running is still essential. Because of the vast new territory, dune buggies were introduced to the game. Although there is only this one type of vehicle available, the Driver Ranks progression system lets you improve your car as you earn experience (for completing special missions, driving over zombies, and so on). You can mount spikes on the car, upgrade its driving system, add larger fuel tank, etc. Furthermore, it is possible to repaint your machine or decorate it with decals.
Apart from buggies, the developers have also implemented new weapons, including several firearms. You can now shoot zombies with a crossbow and an automatic pistol.
Game modes
Dying Light: The Following supports both single and multiplayer gameplay, the latter for up to four people playing together through campaign missions.
The Following for PlayStation 4 expansion pack is based on the same technology (the sixth generation of Chrome Engine) as Dying Light. Therefore it retains the base game’s high quality graphics, featuring vast terrains, lots of detailed characters, and excellent special effects.

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