GOP'S Voter Fraud Fairy Tale





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Published on Aug 19, 2012

"In the wake of a judge's decision not to block Pennsylvania's controversial voter ID law, Mike Turzai, the Republican legislator who made headlines in June when he said the law would help Mitt Romney win the state in November, repeated the falsehood that the state has a history of election fraud...As they fought to defend the law in court, state officials conceded that no one had ever been prosecuted for in-person voter ID fraud and that there was no evidence that it had ever occurred in the state. In-person election fraud, which the state's ID law is supposed to prevent, is extremely rare: a study of in-person voter fraud in presidential elections going back to 2000 found just 10 cases of voter fraud during a period when more than 600 million votes were cast...".* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here from Gene Demby in The Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08...

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Comments • 826

Nice try Young Turds, but you're ignoring the facts. Former Illinois governor Dan Walker, a Democrat, detailed in his autobiography The Maverick and the Machine the blatant Democrat voter fraud he witnessed first hand. They had a system in Chicago where they would pick up winos from abandoned warehouses and give them bottles of booze and rides to and from the voting booths to vote Democrat while the poll watchers just allowed it to happen. In the 2008 & 2012 elections the notoriously corrupt left-wing group ACORN was actively seeking young blacks to vote for Obama multiple times in battleground states. In fact in Cleveland (Ohio was a close battleground state) there were districts that "voted" 100% OR EVEN OVER 100% for Obama! Of course you'll never hear about this from the Young Turks or any other leftist group. Recently Melowese Richardson, one of the very few poll watchers to get caught for voter fraud to help Obama, had her five year sentence reduced to probation. After that she was given a standing ovation at a Democrat event. THIS is why the Young Turks and the libtards oppose voter ID laws!
john adams
+aidanjt dont feed the trolls lol
+tedmccarron None of what you said there has anything to do with fraud. Fraud is "wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain."  If you want to call giving disadvantage people a lift to the polling stations is unethical, that's one thing.  But it isn't fraud.  As Cent pointed out, the rate of actual voter fraud is obscenely low.  So voter ID laws have nothing to do with fraud, and everything to do with keeping out the great unwashed who might vote 'wrong', i.e. against the party passing these laws.  Conflict of interests much?
Mexican citizen just convicted of voter fraud
Steve Lee
So how do you work to get everyone identification? I live in Canada and have the following forms of photo ID: an enhanced drivers licence, a passport, and a new government services card (which is a new form of photo ID that recently replaced our old non-photo ID cards we need to access health care). In terms of non photo government ID I have my birth certificate and social insurance card (our personal tax identification number). Most of the above can be applied for online to setup appointments to get the photos done for the ones requiring photos. So why are so many states not setup to ensure everyone has ID? How can you fix that?
I have a "gun ID" from Florida and it cost me $117.00 & I had to take a gun safety class which cost me another $120.00. I had to prove my ability to safely handle a firearm, get my finger prints taken, have my photo taken, take two written tests and wait 60 days for it to come in the mail. Young Turks are full of shit. A Florida Photo ID is $25. No test, no fingerprints, in and out the same day. The only people who don't have an ID in Florida are the Lazy, criminals, and illegals.
John Galt
the Young retards are at it again, well calling them Retards is an insult to all retards because the idiots are just stupid... Cank is living in a fairy tale, we should require voters to present a photo Id to vote and to register to vote. go to Europe and you can not vote with out a photo ID..
Dameon Grey
Voter Fraud is a big deal and it seems to me Democrats are fighting a campaign to keep it going. http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/viewSubCategory.asp?id=2143
voting fraud is a hard thing to trace, that is why photo id is just common sence.
Voters should have to provide an ID in order to prove who you are to vote. Cynk your living a fairy tale.
james street
Will one of you young turds explain where it's a problem to have to prove you're an American citizen in order to vote in an American election? There's no voter fraud? How do you know that? W/o voter ID you have no idea who's voting.
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