Versetyle - Yuck Freestyle [Rapping : Ep # 1]





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Published on Sep 6, 2012

Download : http://vibedeck.com/versetyle/117464

is a Nu hit series in which emcees travel throughout long lost abandoned houses, factories, stores, or anything else run down, to set up and perform one-take shots of which (just like the properties they take place on) is overlooked and forgotten by the public eye. IE Rap skill.

Episode 1 : An abandon warehouse gets filled with an energy presence is hasn't experience since 1992. After 20 years of negligence, dust, and rat shit, Versetyle records and portrays, an old point of view that remains buried in the forgotten memories of what used to be.


Been 2 years since I sprinted I did today and threw up
9 months, since I dropped, dear whom oppose yeah you suck
Go and get your counter army, lets count the rounds you scar me
Bet it be zero, and if not, halfway to almost hardly
I have an intimate source of belief so infinite
And into it,all the way to the point, now thats that penmanship
So fuck your beliefs if gives the right to judge me
Your music unattractive I don't judge your shits just ugly
So I don't have to like it, and thats the power choice
You choice the type life you live it's time I chose my voice
And my self too, selflessness will not help you
BecauseThats where I've was, worried about others trying to get through
But I cannot intervene with theirs and exchange fate
Unless its the same place and was determine the same day
In the same way, in it together, don't change stay.
But Not you Lame A's ..? Yeah. Cause O dont rhyme with gay
Its the Same road, same game but changed codes
Now my flame holds, gasoline propane coal
And when I aim towards, anybody !KurrBaNG! Blow!
Please remain low, no tats neck has been stained gold
By that same ol chain of never ever switching shit
Only evolving what it is that I was gifted with
Went from mostly rapping fast, to now, the shit is sick
It's not about the pace, it's more about the hidden trick
Behind it all, you can try to find it but don't stall
No time for any games i don't play like broke dolls
Say, Fuck those niggas, don't trust those niggas,
These hoes want cash, they don't lust those niggas
Having some nerve trying to tell me some shit
But Can't put your foot down you ol crust toe'd nigga
I don't give a fuck I call you out
Take a red paint brush draw you out
Tape it to your back before you turn around
Shoot and at the end yell target down
Kill streak like a pill deep in your system youll be still sleep
While we'll sneak in to your bill keep, and then split the prof by mils each
We will eat! Better quote that
By any means, I got hope back
a set a of skills and when both match
I hit the streets like dope crack
Taking over,  the equivalent of no baking soda
So pure You would make vacating sober
Imagine that cuz people imagine rap
In some off the wall type of way and I am not having that
Shit talking, like "ay man, how long you take to write this?"
The better question would be how much you want me to like it.
That's what I thought bitch, you as fly as an ostrich
While I'm a cheetah with turbo and an exhaust kit...oh shit
And it's a race to the muthaphuckin finish
I Flow monopoly, y'all just the other sucking business
Second surrendered sitting, sectioned sadly so sickened
Stupid stuck stiffen, still Subordinately spitting splitting
That gap between us even more youre Level 1 I'm level 4
Nigga i will pop up through a tunnel by your door
Knock knock bitch , Verse is so obnoxious
I do everything you could plus more Whatchu got bitch
Pokemon ditto
I toked the bong, then Wrote this song, life is so simple
If this was the end of it, but this is barely the beginning tip
Thone holder, best hop on your defending shit
I'm coming through,  like weak bowels and stomach flu
You Ain't stopping shit, that toilet you should get runnin to

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