Firelands - Volcanus (Legendary Staff Quest Boss) - 102911 [Group 2]





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Uploaded on Oct 30, 2011

[World of Warcraft] - [Honors Creed - Skywall (US Horde)] [Raid Group 2]

My UI-less video (Note below) might actually work out slightly. There are still 10-man guilds out there. There are 10-man videos around. Still.

Three-Phase Fight:
Between each phase, you leave combat. P2 doesn't start until the player who is on the quest (in our case, our Mage, Drvnbymagic) initiates the next phase. If you have a rough time in P1, you can eat and drink before P2. I think you have enough time for P3 as well if you need to. We regenned pretty fast.

Phase One - Four Adds that behave just like the druids on the Alysrazor fight. Interrupt Fieroblast and pew pew.

Phase Two - Group up for dispels and AoE Heals. The treants that are spawned come towards the group and do a hellfire-like move. They can be slowed with a frost trap and killed by ranged. Priests should be prepared to use their Mass Dispel on the roots... but ONLY do so AFTER he has done his AoE Stomp/Knockback or you'll get to see the underside of Firelands. Yes, it's pretty, but it's a long flight. :P

This phase ends when the burning tree yells "STOP! ENOUGH!". He then passes his power to the player with the quest, turning them into the Druid's (new) Tree of Life form. In this form, the player gains a bunch of abilities and gains a vehicle bar. I do not have info on what this bar contains, but I saw a bunch of Treants, and Tranquility when our Druid Healer didn't pop hers. It seemed it was easy enough to figure things out without research into that particular part...

Phase Three: Volcanus erupts from the center pool of lava. Tanked by your Group's Tank(s) and the 'Tree' Player, a Healer's job is AoE Heal the pulsing damage going out. A DPS' job is to pew pew. Tanks are also to pew pew. Healers can pew pew a little too. Don't stand in the lava and don't stand on those moving fire pillars. The faster he dies, the less mana you use and the quicker someone can get their first usable staff in this quest chain. :D

Grats to Drvn for getting his shiny little staff, and to anyone this may have helped. :3You're now on your way to gathering 1000 Seething Cinders. Good Luck!
You can get most of the lovely Zelda Music/Bits from Zelda Reorchestrated...

"All Songs"*...
...Except the Flute Duet from Spirit Tracks. That was found on YouTube and worked out so very well. Click here to hear it again and find the download link in the description. I thank them so much for putting up the link.


I snipped the beginning because we took longer than I thought to start, so just clipped from porting in to starting the fight. ;3

Also, yes, I realized after I opened it that there was no UI. I hate the stupid keybinding to 'hide' UI in videos and I'm about ready to remove it. I've hit it a lot lately and it really upset me that there was no UI for this. I wouldn't have used music at all if I could record our Vent Convo. Although shockingly there wasn't much on this fight. Only our second go at it. We had descriptions from the Boomkin in Group 1 who had done it, but we wiped as we were seeing for ourselves what we had to do. Figuring that out, it was easy. :) So now when I do it, we'll know what to do without thinking about. Maybe then I'll actually have a UI and you can watch me "FailShadow" DPS. rofl. :D

Until then, enjoy the Zelda References because I can be a nerd like that... and I'm tired right now. :P


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