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Uploaded on Feb 10, 2012

Edit: I'm going to approve all responses whether people are accepted or not, so if it's not there and others have been approved, just send yours again.

A Hunger Games based MEP group.

* You do NOT have to enjoy the series to be in the group, nor do you have to only edit to it. Anything and anyone.

Group guidelines.
- The rules and system is based off of the popular triology, "The Hunger Games," by Suzanne Collins. For those of you who haven't read the book, the backstory is: Orginally it started as 13 districts, each working in one particular line of work (such as agruiculture, mining, and fishing), but back in the "dark days," district 13 rebelled against the mighty Capitol and lost, and was forever in ashes. The big, mighty, and all-powerful Capitol, then, decided to host a set of games, with a girl and boy tribute from each of the remaining districts, where the tributes compete for their lives. But within the games, only one can survive.
- Obvious problem there; I'm not going to "kill" anyone. Just the victor would get reconition.
- With any group, I only ask for members to be NICE, RESPECTFUL, and just aware of what's going on. So you have midterms/finals? Please. Please. PLEASE. Let us know, asap. Any problems, just let us know asap. Problems only make us leaders unhappy, therefore making everyone else unhappy.
- This is an MEP group. Only MEPs. Maybe other projects as well. It is pretty active overall, but not everyone is in the MEPs. Only the victor will be excused from the next "game."
- This group will follow suit with the 12 districts (we may bring back 13 sometime, but not to begin with) and game makers, who are alike the book, where they create the game/arena, but along with the 12 tributes, 1 game maker will be in the games as well.

The Games.
- The Games will be a project -- be it, an MEP, a WORM, etc-- and instead of it being open to everyone, we will (randomly) draw 13 members, 1 from each of the 12 districts and 1 game maker, and those members must compete in the project game.
- There will be 1 MEP per month, and within the MEP, there will be a 2 or 3 week deadline (I'm still figuring which).
- If you cannot finish your part in the game, then you just wont win. You're not gonna "die," I assure you. No kicking out of the group.. Nothing bad. Just in the full MEP, your part will be blank. No replacements. In theory, you die, but nothing truly bad happens to you. For those of you who are familiar with the editing term, IC, yes, this is like that. It's just a lot longer allotted time frame, but you ARE competing against everyone else. The victor will be excused from the next reaping (MEP), unless they want to be in the draw but that's their choice, and they will also receive a prize. What? I'm not entirely sure. Whatever the game makers can do for them, I suppose.

The Cornicopia.
- Yes, there will be a cornicopia! But it's different. Of course there's weapons in the book version, but this version will be useful items, such as a, using the monopoly term "get out of jail free card" ("get out of the games free card" LOL), or sparkles, tricks, etc. (still working out what).
- In the book, you sign up for, I believe it was grain, but another slip with your name goes into the reaping pot. Same theory. The Cornicopia will be like a lottery. You pick the number, say 5, and slot 5 is yours. But there will be 100 slots in the Corncopia, some may have something, some may have nothing. For each time you sign up, you'll get a slot. Each slot doesn't have a limit, so 4-5 even 10 people could be on the same slot, BUT, whatever is on that slot, they all get.
- A little confusing? If you enter for the reaping, say 7 times, you get 7 slots in the Cornicopia. They can't all be the same though, but if you pick slot 43 and someone else is already there on slot 43, it doesn't matter, you can both be on the slot, but if there's a free-reaping card, you both get one each.

The Districts.
- Yes there's 12 districts. 12 game makers (co leaders), one for each district. Though the reaping will be from each district, so there'll be a good handful of members in each district. This is will be a BIG MEP group. I can't say exactly how many there'll be per district, but there will be a lot. It all depends on how many auditions we get.

Character Representation & Footage.
- Anything may be used in the group -- anime, manga, movie, games, etc.
- Just that our characters are all from Hunger Games is just coincidental. Character reps are from whatever you want.

The Auditions.
- I'll be veryyyy picky about game makers; they need to be people I can get to know and trust. Whereas members I'll be very giving towards.

- To audition as a MEMBER, please fill add a video as a repsonse, though we will check ALL videos. So it doesnt matter what video. We'll also take video auditions via PM if you hve nothing to add as a response.

- To audition as a GAMEMAKER, just talk to xKairibrunette.

DEADLINE: MARCH 30th, 2012


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