Real Ancient Technology Found in Cuzco Peru 2012 New





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Published on Mar 12, 2012

Here is more ancient wonder live from Brien Foerster -

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High speed rotary or vibrational tool caught hard stone as debris and forced the hard material through? Says who? Why does it have to be high speed or vibrational? Low speed, human powered tool that grinds away slowly but surely does the very same thing.
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Magnetic Minds
Thanks for Sharing.
put a framers square and level on to see how precise these are?
Symon Says TV
What proves they haven't been made 50 years ago?  Doesn't look ancient to me AT ALL.
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Brian Patton
Our problem is we were told at young ages that ancients were dumb people in caves. If you could speak to these people today they would be very smart people to talk to.
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rofl white people, if they don't understand something it has to be alien technology. you guys just need to learn to deal with the fact that there are other civilizations that were (key word) much more advanced than yours. today's technological standards and any futuristic concepts would be a joke in comparison if said civilizations were still around, or more like if the descendants of said civilizations hadn't been conditioned to believe they were inferior to eurocentricity. the truth IS out there but since it doesn't favor you, it will be postponed LOL.
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The Humble Geometric Figure of Doom
Too bad Aztecs or Maya didn't live up to sue Lego for Copy Right infringement. Just imagine this, it would be epic.
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Mark Goldhammer
There is a great deal about human and planetary history that is simply not known. To blindly accept all mainstream theories about our history and origins is foolish. To blindly accept that all anomalies and mysteries are the result of alien technology is foolish. It is widely accepted that the universe is teeming with life; is it possible that intelligent beings not of this Earth have visited and / or interacted with humans at some point in the history of our planet? Absolutely. Is it also possible that this has not occurred? Absolutely. Are our scientific and academic disciplines, and the public generally, too quick to accept that we have the basic outline of human history and evolution all figured out? Yep. It seems clear to me that we have a problem admitting that there is much we simply don't know. Have an open mind and think for yourself.
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Guy Stokes
why is it ancient technology? i mean, did Tesla call a Tesla coil a Tesla coil, I am sure to him it was just another one of his inventions that he used as a tool to study what he was studying. in the future some thing may call that ancient technology, but its all really just, technology. Time is a stupid thing to put in a description for something like technology, its irrelevant and makes people scared because a lot of people do not understand time is not anything more then a concept we made up to explain the fact that we remember the past, know the present and use those two to predict a possible future. if you believe this is important, then study it, be happy, just my opinion that calling something ancient technology is giving something you find interesting a red hot chance at getting dismissed by the masses.
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Master Gonzo
from an engineering point of view this can be done. we just find it hard to believe people were intelligent enough to do that with tools from then.
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