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Synchronicity, Mayan Calendar, 2012, Electric Universe





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Published on Feb 6, 2008

Greetings, little people.
I am Eidolon TLP.

Youtube user RemodelingMySpace, creator of the website, is being harassed by entities unknown. As such, he is unable to continue being the administrator of said website, and requests for any volunteer who would like to relieve him of this role. For more information, please see the discussion thread at . RemodelingMySpace: programmer F.F and I wish to greatly thank you for all the time and effort you altruistically invested in creating and maintaining that website. We hope that causing happiness in others has caused happiness in yourself.

In this message, I would like to address the topic of synchronicity. Synchronicity is a cognitive attribute exclusive to human sentience that establishes links between seemingly unrelated premises. I venture that synchronicity, like all other cognitive attributes, is a product of evolution, as the concept of order often correlates with safety, and chaos with danger. Humans have evolved a marvelous tendency to always seek order, find patterns, deduce rules, and predict boundaries for everything that can be observed. Humans strive to make sense of their world, in order to feel safe in it. This tendency to build logical bridges between as many premises as possible, is the cradle of reason, but also myth and superstition, which at their most basic, are simply perceived correlations between premises that have no actual causal connection.

Synchronicity applied to ancient sailors who worshipped Poseidon and had safe sea voyages, and applies today for people who perceive their prayers being answered.

Synchronicity can be marvelous; the very basis of reason is the act of creating new knowledge from previous premises. But unless that process can be validated logically and supported by evidence, synchronicity can also be dangerous as enabler of faith. Example: no one assumed the "Hister" Nostradamus wrote of, would be Nazi Germany's "Hitler", until after the actual Hitler had come to power. Should another leader had risen instead, no one would have qualified Nostradamus' prophecy as false, and instead, believers would remain awaiting the rise of a different "Hister" until today. Unlike faith, synchronicity is not engineered to deceive, and according to FF, listening to Pink Floyd's album "Dark Side of The Moon" while watching the 1939 movie "The Wizard of Oz", can be quite beautiful.

In this vein, several youtube users have also perceived correlations between the ancient Mayan calendar that ends a Baktun cycle in december 2012, and the scheduled upgrade to IBM's Blue Gene/Q class supercomputer. There is a remote possibility that this event could start the soft take-off of the Technological Singularity, and if this indeed were to happen, the mayan prophecies will appear to be vindicated, as they predicted radical changes in the world at around this time. This would certainly be a coincidence, and its perception a case of synchronicity. There is no causal relationship between the two events that I'm aware of. Yes, astronomically, the solsticial point will roughly conjunct with the center of the Milky Way, and this is relatively rare as it only happens every 13,000 years. However, due to the size of the Milky Way, this conjunction lasts many years, and is certainly not limited to december 2012. The fact that 65 mayan baktun cycles roughly correspond to the period of equinox precession, is either a coincidence, or proof that mayans were much better astronomers than mainstream history gives them credit for.

A similar case of synchronicity is probably taking place with the theory of an "Electric Universe", as presented in the book of the same name by authors Walllace Thornhill and David Talbott. Modern physics have recoursed to theorizing the existence of "dark energy" to account for certain motion of celestial bodies that cannot be explained due to gravity forces alone. This is part of what is often referred to as "Einstein's Blunder". Thornhilll and Talbott offer an explanation based on electricity instead of "dark energy", aware that in doing so they are challenging established mainstream physics, including the theory of the "Big Bang", and the accepted interpretation of redshift on a spectrometer. Their commitment to finding the truth regardless of established academic dogma is commendable, but only as long as their own evidence and logic can be validated as having greater value. Otherwise, the apparent similarities in the spiral shapes of both galaxies and magnetic fields, for example, would be a case of synchronicity. Judging this from the information available online, is outside the scope of my capacity at this point in time.

Thank you for the interaction.


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