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Published on Sep 19, 2010

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Trailer of the game Minecraft made by Mojang.

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The song is made by Zack Hemsey and it's called Mind Heist. All rights belongs to it's respective owners.

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Its hard to believe there was a time when you could say you liked minecraft and wouldn't get insults thrown at you. That time did exist though but not many remember it. Unfortunately most you tubers and people only see the minecraft of today. Only the people who played minecraft in beta or before knew what minecraft truly was. It was so powerful and unimaginable for the time you really had to play it then to know what it meant.This was Notchs version of the game, this was his vision, his work, his thoughts...This was the true version of Minecraft.
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I miss the old minecraft so much
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Gerhold TheAwesome
zobieandme me too I play this on 2013
Mooky Wooky sooky chooky booky tooky dooky pooky
zobieandme 420th like
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It just isn't the same game anymore.
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Nolz Gameing
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Why does YouTube allow these long ass names
I miss the horrible graphics. :,(
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MintyCupcake 33
same, they bring back so many memories
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Loafus Cramwell
Remember when you'd be in a cave and you'd hear a "Ssss" and jump halfway out of your chair?
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To this day I still get jumpscared by creepers sssing behind me. It fills you with adrenalin and try to get away to avoid dying.
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EndMendFriend [endermender110]
idk why but the old lighting was really nostalgic
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That's the definition of nostalgia dude
Pugly Studios
Guys, there's a setting to turn off smooth lighting, and if you really want to hit the effect home just set brightness to moody.
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Christian Ludvigsen
Im missing the old minecraft, its making me sad D;
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making minecraft myself... go check it out. you may be motivated or interested by it. cause of how good it's gettin.
The United Grass
Nope launcher inventory textures fps
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Daniellian Gaming
Back then when the graphics sucked ass, but the community and multiplayer gameplay was epic!
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Monninen Koski
Anddd gravel had a better texture
Oliver Morris
+Eric Jovany How is Minecraft in any way difficult? Even if you did die you can just respawn.
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Keyan Ghasemi
my god is is just sad seeing how much Minecraft has fallen We have gone from a fun open world adventure game filled with so much creativity and secrets to fucking Minecraft porn
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It's not fallen. the epicness remains, its just new bullshittery have overpowered the old, traditional gameplay. there are still people who play it like the old days tho, and some servers are still thankfully anarchic vanilla
Bleach Pikachu
achild withadrinkingproblem One example right here
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who's watching this in 2015?!?!?!
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Βασίλης Γερμανίδης
ayyPrezton august 2017
Thomas Smith
ayyPrezton nope! I'm rewatching this in 2017, I've seen this millions of times and I still watch because it always, ALWAYS makes me want to play Minecraft.. even if it's not the great old same
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