Why Knuckles Never Goes Super Anymore





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Published on Dec 14, 2011

I no longer post videos on this channel! For more animation from me, check out my personal channel. Thanks! :) http://www.youtube.com/AlexanderTheSwell

This video was my first attempt at drawn animation, and essentially a test to see what I could do with the tools I had at the time. While making this, I didn't have a drawing tablet, and all pictures were drawn in MS Paint, and "animated" in my traditional video editing software (Sony Vegas). Since then, I've acquired a tablet, and I'm working on getting and learning Adobe Flash, so expect to see better looking animated shorts later down the road! Thanks for the support, everyone!

Music (In order of appearance):

"Solaris Phase 1"

"Solaris Phase 2"

"Pull on it!"
from Sonic and the Secret Rings

"Is it Right?"


Q: What is wrong with Silver?!
A: It's a parody. Stop being stupid.

Q: Why was Silver a pineapple during that one scene?!
A: I was too lazy to draw him.

Q: Why did you make Sonic and everyone look bad?!
A: It's a parody. Stop being stupid.

Q: Why is one of the Chaos Emeralds orange instead of green?!
A: I made this video without the use of an animation program, so a lot of stuff was green-screened into the backgrounds. Because of this, the green emerald would not have shown up, so it was replaced with an orange emerald.

Q: Do you actually hate Silver?
A: Not at all. He's not one of my favorite characters... and I honestly think he's a bit of a pointless character, but I don't hate the character. It's just amusing to see people get so worked up over his portrayal in a parody video. :)

Q: Are you aware that that's actually HYPER Knuckles and not SUPER Knuckles? IDIOT.
A: No. in "Sonic 3 & Knuckles", the Chaos Emeralds turned Knuckles into Super Knuckles. He only turned into Hyper Knuckles when collecting all seven Super Emeralds. His super form was referred to as just "Hyper Knuckles" in the Archie comics... but that is its own separate thing entirely, and has nothing to do with the video games.

Q: Classic Sonic has skin-colored eyelids you mother of a moose's ass.
A: This isn't "classic Sonic". This is a PARODY video, and in my videos, there is no "classic" or "modern" Sonic. There's just Sonic.

Q: Super Knuckles is MAGENTA, you color blind buffoon!
A: ... Which is a shade of pink.

Q: Super Knuckles isn't PINK! His body is just pulsating with energy! ARGH, YOU FOOL.
A: It's a parody. Take it easy there, Bill Nye.

Q: This is the WORST thing I have ever seen. Complete and utter crap.
A: That's not a question!


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