Mitsumete Knight - Full Sophia Run, 1 / 48 (Beginning : Meet Sophia, Johan & Yang)





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Published on Apr 10, 2009

EDIT : As of May 7th 2009, this part is now FULLY SUBBED, courtesy of yours truly ! Enjoy !! :D

First part of 48 of my full Sophia Robelingue route video playthrough, in "Mitsumete Knight", on PS1.

Vids of Mitsumete Knight on Youtube (and Occidental video sharing sites as a whole) are EXTREMELY rare, and IMO this game is awesome and should deserve to be discovered by more people, so I thought : "what about showing a full playthrough of it, preferably subbed (as the game is a Japan-exclusive one) so it can touch the most people possible ?"

And thus was the start of my quest of recording a playrthough of it.

Among the large cast of girls in this game and thus ending possibilities, I decided, in order to show a general view of the game, to do a run where I'll try to win the heart, and get the ending of Sophia Robelingue, who's considered the main heroine of the game (and one of the game's main heroine trio, along with Princess Priscilla Dolphan, and Anne).

So you can enjoy all vids the most possible, and as the playthrough is 7 hours and 30 minutes long total, on each of the parts, I'll mention what important events occured, and at what time of the vid they did occured, so that saves you some time if you can't watch the full vid.

I plan to sub most of the vids, so you can enjoy throughoutly this playthrough's view.
But I'll have to warn you it will take me a long time to achieve this, as there's a lot of material, and also because I have university aside.

Thus why I designed a subbing battle plan for this playthrough.
Will be subbed, by order of priority :

* 1st : the beginning of the game (mostly the 1st part, but if possible the first 40 miuntes as well) ;
* 2nd : the ending of the game (with priority going to all the wedding part, but I really want to translate the whole late-game part where the events speed up dramatically, as this part is absolutely AWESOME) ;
* 3rd : the Sophia-related Special Dates and Events ;
* 4th : the war-related parts (AKA the army phases and the duels vs the Eight Generals) ;
* 5th : the Holidays and Festivals parts ;
* 6th : the other characters' Special Events I unlocked during the playthrough, and most of the ordinary dates and other stuff.

Wish me luck in that quest, and I hope that, not only you'll enjoy the ride, but also may be interested in playing that game as well !! :)

P.S. : And yes, it's indeed Sparkster (of Rocket Knight Adventures fame), at the secret shop at 0:22 ! A cameo I enjoyed a lot, as a fan of these games. He can sell you one item among the list, that will boost your stats from the playthrough to come, assuming you have beaten him in battle during one of your former playthroughs (this recorded Sophia Run is actually my second playthrough of the game).

Said battle will occur in this playthrough : if you want to see it immediately, go straight at part 33, 0:57.


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