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Published on Jul 20, 2007

Well, after a full week of memorization and intense practice, I was finally able to pull this one off. I remember when I was young, I used to play this game A LOT! I guess my past experiences helped me finish this run a little bit more easily.

At the time (when I was young), I tried not to get any sub-tanks or heart upgrades in the game and I managed to do it a couple of times. I mean if you get hit twice during the last bosses (in the Sigma Stages), you usually die instantly so it was a great challenge and I knew it required skills but I managed to do it a couple of times. After a while, I wanted to know how many hits I used to take before finishing the game. At first, I could finish the game and take around five to six hits in total. In the present day though, I decided to make it three hits, then two, then one and, finally, not taking any hits at all! I was trying to find the best route for the bosses to optimize the run. Not doing it for speed or anything, but for the weapons (boss weaknesses). It would at least help me defeat them with ease, thus not taking any hit from them. One time (a couple of days ago), when I was fighting Sting Chameleon, I had a flash! If I could get his weapon as soon as possible and get the triple-charged shot upgrade as well, it would probably help me even more! I tried a couple of routes but one thing was certain, I knew that Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle and Flame Mammoth were going to be the first three bosses I had to destroy. Chill Penguin for the dash upgrade, Storm Eagle for the helmet upgrade and Flame Mammoth for the triple-charged shot. Anyway, to get to Sting Chameleon as soon as possible and NOT GET HIT during the boss fight, I knew I needed something else: it's weakness. That's when I tried Boomer Kuwanger's Stage right after Flame Mammoth's. I used to get hit once in that stage but after a couple of tries I could finish it with ease. Now that really motivated me because Sting Chameleon would be a piece of cake now! After getting his weapon, I tried to find the best places to use it and with the triple-charged shot upgrade, it makes X invincible for a certain amount of time so the run would be much easier to do.

So yeah... Enough talk for now and enjoy the show! I hope you guys will like the editing, it was painful... *stupid Windows Movie Maker making my computer restart every 10 minutes for no reason and Sony Vegas not responding most of the time* @_@

Here's a little overview of every stages that appear in this part of the run, how they turned out and what were the objectives to do in each one for this run:

- Opening Stage: This one wasn't complicated at all. The only "hard" part was to memorize the spawning point (if you can say it like that) of those purple enemies at the end of the level. Other than that, I had to take damage from Vile in order to progress further in the game so yeah...

- Chill Penguin Stage: This was the real beginning of this run. I had to take out those axe guys as fast as possible and I managed to dodge the spiked wheels too. The main goal here was to get to Dr. Light's capsule. With the dash, it's possible to dodge various bosses' attacks and jump to other safe platforms in other levels. So with that new upgrade, I just dashed through the end of the level. One thing to look out for was the snowballs but I managed to dodge the ones that were coming at me and, obviously, I destroyed Chill Penguin.

Watch "Mega Man X (SNES) - No-Hit Run - Part 2 of 6": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4ageh...

Mega Man X for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, done on 07/10/07.

*Total video time: 53 min 50 sec*
*Music: I decided to use the Irregular Hunter X Soundtrack for the whole video, which, in my opinion, is superior to the original SNES soundtrack for the same game. When I couldn't find a music that would fit with a certain part, I simply used the original sound from the original video. Other than that, I tried to make it look like the original as much as I could and I think it turned out great!*

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