Hope 17 Finale part 1/2..............Weekend Marathon 9/15





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Published on Apr 2, 2011

Weekend Marathon 9/15

I stood there outside her room pacing back and forth. I couldn't think of anything to say or do, I was still shocked for what they had told me. She was so weak, she could die and that wasn't a thought I wanted to think about.

I heard whispers coming from inside and I stood there trying to listen. The door then opened and a few doctors wlaked outside. They kindly smiled at me as I just stood there waiting for some good news.

Dr-'You must be mr.jonas.'
N-'I am.'
Dr-'We need to talk to you.'
N-'What wrong?'
Dr-'She's really weak.'
Dr-' We thought we had cured the cancer but-'
N-'but what?!'
Dr-'We don't think she will make it.' He whispered.
N-'What do you mean you don't think she will make it?!' I raised my voice-
Dr-'Im sorry-'
N-'Sorry doesn't help me.' I said feeling my heart shatter.
Dr-'We will try to do something.'
N-'You MUST do something!'
Dr-' you may go in and see her.'
B-'Dad!' she ran in with miley and bailee behind her.
N-'H-hey bells.'
BM-'Daddy we want to see mom.'
N-'What?' I whispered, I didn't want them to see her like that.
B.'Please daddy.' She whispered and took my hand .
N-'O-ok.' I gave them my best fake slight smile .
I stood there, leaning against the doorframe, experiencing the worst scene in my life. It was the hardest thing I had ever seen or experienced. She was so week, so lifeless. She did her best to keep her eyes opened as she talked to the girls.

S-'Promise me you will always take care of your sister.'
B-'I-I promise mom.' She whispered.
S-'Promise me you'll always be a good girl.'
BM-'I promise.'
B-'Why are you saying all of this?'
B-'Mom you will be fine'
S-'Bella its not that easy.'
BM-'You will be fine!' she yelled as she began to cry, my heart breaking even more.
S-'I-I-I w-will.'
B-'Mom no.' she began to cry and hugged her.
S-'d-don't cry.' She said weakly as her own eyes filled with tears.
S-'I love you two very much.'
B-'I love you too mom.' She sniffled-
S-'Youre the best thing in my life girls.'
BM-'I love you mommy.' She cried
When the girls walked out the room after a while of crying miley told me shed take them home. Miley had had her own moment with selena and now it was my turn. I walked to her and took a seat next to the bed.

Seeing her so weak, it made me feel so weak inside. I felt like it was all my fault, I had done something wrong and I needed to fix it, but I knew it wasn't. I took her hand gently as she weakly smiled at me.

S-'promise we you'll always be there for them.'
N-'lena don't say goodbye.' I said as my eyes filled themselves with tears,but I needed to be strong for her.
S-'Promise me nick.'
N-'I promise lena.'
S-'Promise me you'll move on and find another women that will love them and take care of them.'
N-'Lena its not time to say goodbye yet.'
S-'Nick its my time now.' She said as she began to cry.
N-'No lena, it isn't.'
S-'I cant take this pain anymore nick, the physical pain, the pain of being away from the three of you.'
N-'D-don't say this please.' I began to cry.
S-'I love you nick, with all I have in me.' She said as we gently kissed
N-'I love you too lena.' I took her hand in mine as we both cried, silent sobs.
S-'Youre the best thing that happened in my lif-' she was saying weakly until she stopped and her hand stopped holding on to mine. The machines went wild and people started to rush in, pushing me away.


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