Michael Jackson gets upset singing IJCSLY @his duet partner & music director





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Uploaded on Mar 5, 2010

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The TITLE is not misleading, it is the fact. I read about this concert 10yrs ago. Some1 who was a part of the crew wrote about it on the blog. MJJ was upset, this performance was nowhere how they rehearsed it. But also he was professional and ended the performance the best he could.
Concert: Royal Brunei 1996 ( not a tour, the concert was a Birthday present of the Ruler of the Brunei to his people)
I have never have seen MJ getting so mad In IJCSLY performance. Maybe it is just me, but a lot of things didn't go well:
1)Lady partner in duet (Marva Hicks) sings MJ part
(MJ look priceless)
2)Brad Buxer music director misses his cue, lightning people don't know what they were doing, because she doesn't stop with singing when the light goes down.
(for dramatic touch when the light goes down she suppose to stop & disappear from the stage, so MJ can pause for couple min. then start singing the song "She is out of my life")
Now, watch this: lights goes down, for second music stops after split of sec musics starts again, cuz Marva is still singing!!! Marva is doing this on purpose, you should watch MJs face, @ the end he burst out @ Brad!
For second I though MJ was going to beat her & Brad (by the way I read that this was rehearsed differently).
MJ loved to sing songs slightly different from the album version. I notice that in midst of the song MJ open his arm @her like are you nuts, then walks to camera and buried his face on it.
MJ does that when he sings the song "BEAT IT" not "IJCSLY". "IJCSLY" song is about love making not fighting.
Watch this he swings with his hand walking toward her like he is about 2 beat a crap out of her.
Prior yelling at Brad, MJ has "I can't believe this is happening" "pissed off" look on his face.
She exhausted him.
Watch it several times. You will see it. Energetic performance ♥ it. I guess this was the only duet they sang together. Too bad, she has amazing voice, but apparently bad temper (IMHO).
It is the most hilarious and amazing, powerful, electrically charged, intense performance that I have ever seen of MJ in duet w/lady partner. It seems like she is challenging MJ in singing "IJCSLY" & he knows it. I read that she was laughing @ MJ about the custom, she wasn't please that MJ was ignoring her(at the time MJ was recently divorced). ONE THING I WANT TO STRAIGHT OUT WITH EVERYBODY : The custom MJ is wearing is golden FENCING SUIT. FENCING is a discipline in Summer Olympic Sport. It is remarkable sport, and a lot of Europeans consider it sexy sport. Sword symbolizes macho /sexiness. Personally, I love the suit, it shows his muscular sexy body he had.


Rest in Peace Michael, you entertained us for 45 yrs, you deserve peace in heaven.
I ♥ U & miss U &day.

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